July 30, 2015

Making a List and checking it twice

Going on an epic road trip requires gear, and lots of various stuff. I won't be going camping, otherwise I'd be in serious trouble storage-wise.

So, here's my personal packing list for there journey. What's missing? What should I really bring along, and what's better left behind? Suggestions are very welcome. Thank you, David for your support with this.

Full face helmet
Armoured jacket
Armoured pants
Boots (Hiking boots, instead of riding boots?)
2 pairs of gloves
Glove liners
2 Buffs
Rain jacket
Heated vest (needed as per Karen)

Tools & More
Air pressure gauge
Air compressor
Tire repair set (Shadow tires aren't tubeless.)
Multi tool (Leatherman or the likes)
Chain lube
Fuel bottle
Rok Straps
Bungee net
Bike cover
Disk lock
Cable lock set
Micro fibre rag
(most of the stuff I can borrow from David, thank you)
Not sure if I should take a tool bag along since I won't be able to make use of it anyway...

Electronics (packed in dry bag)
Camera, extra battery, charger
Selfie stick & tripod
Iphone, charger, waterproof case for RAM mount, ear buds
Laptop, power cable, power adapter
USB plug
Head lamp
SENA Bluetooth set

Selfie stick - sponsored by mom-in-law

Drivers license
Registration & insurance papers
CAA card
Purse, credit cards etc.
Spare keys
Copies of all documents, credit cards etc.

7 sets of underwear
2 long johns
2 long undershirts
2 LD comfort riding shorts
5 pairs of socks
3 Icebreaker T-shirts
Sweat Shirt
Fleece jacket
Pair of jeans
Pair of convertible pants
Flip Flops
Bathing suit
Umbrella (said Nikos)

Personal Stuff
First Aid Kit incl. bug spray
Camp towel
Water bottle
Sun glasses
Ziplock bags
Washing detergent


Energy bars (gluten free)
Trail mix
Soy powder

Blue = blogger suggestions
Red = optional or rendered useless


Liebe Mitleser, ich denke, die Packliste ist selbsterklärend und bedarf keiner weiteren Übersetzung, oder? Sorry, ich bin heute einfach zu müde dafür...

July 20, 2015

Coming Events cast their Shadows before

Unlike the wizard's dark prediction in Thomas Campbell's poem Lochiel's Warning, I am referring to my upcoming road trip through parts of Ontario and Quebec, and the Maritime Provinces New Brunswick, Prince Edward Island and Nova Scotia. I will go places I've seen before (but never on a motorcycle), and places I've yet to explore.

Quebec City view on St. Lawrence River, Quebec

The journey by numbers:
Bike & Rider: 1 & 1
Days on the road: 30 (includes 5 days for r&r)
Distance: 5.500 - 6,000 km
Canadian provinces: 5
Ferry rides: 4
Moto-Blogger meetings: 3
Languages spoken: 2
Fun: unlimited

Hopewell Rocks, New Brunswick
Red sand, Prince Edward Island
Peggy's Cove, Nova Scotia
The 'bam-a-lam' journey on Black Betty


Große Ereignisse werfen ihre Schatten voraus
Und anders als in der düsteren Voraussage des Zauberers im Gedicht Lochiel's Warnung von Thomas Campbell beziehe ich mich auf meine bevorstehende Rundreise durch Teile Ontarios und Quebec, sowie die Maritime Provinzen New Brunswick, Prince Edward Island und Nova Scotia. Ich werde dabei Orte besuchen, an denen ich schon war (aber noch nicht auf dem Motorrad) und Gegenden, die auch für mich neu sind.

Die Reise in Zahlen:
Motorrad & Fahrerin: 1 & 1
Reisetage: 30 (davon 5 Joker-Tage zur Entspannung)
Strecke: 5.500 bis 6.000 km
Provinzen: 5
Fähren: 4
Moto-Blogger Treffen: 3
Sprachen: 2
Spaß: unbegrenzt