February 07, 2010


Remember, that I had recently sold my red LadyHawk? We closed the deal, the buyer made a down payment, and I cashed the cheque (to buy my Nolan helmet...). Since Winter weather prevented him from picking up the bike (the guy resides in Edmonton) I agreed to store the motorcycle for a few more weeks in the supposedly safe parkade. Today I went down, to look after her and to remove the dust, like I do every week. Now look, what I found:
Last week some f@ck tempered with the lock (probably a screwdriver?), and destroyed it, obviously with the intention to steal the bike. Why it hasn't been taken, I don't know. Maybe the perpetrator(s) were interrupted. I am so upset about it. Not only because the deal might be called of, but also because the replacement of the ignition lock alone sums up to approximately $300. I am not sure yet if any other damage exists, and I will leave it up to the repair shop to take care of the poor old lady. Since I have to invest quite a bit money in the Hawk now, I am almost thinking of calling the deal off, and to keep the bike...


  1. That is terrible and I am sorry to hear about this. You have to move on though, so no more thoughts about calling the deal off. Now that you look like an astronaut, you need a new bike to go with your new helmet. There is no going back now, so cast aside those thoughts...

  2. Ouch, sorry about the vandalism, but it is better than theft. The buyer made a down payment and agreed to have you store it for him. Don't call off the deal, motorcyclists are an understanding lot, I wonder if he would be willing to split the cost of a new ignition and pay you $150 less for the bike?

  3. @Gary: You are most certainly right. Charlie6 put me in a submarine, you make me an astronaut, and I pictured myself as a jet fighter pilot. I certainly need a bike fit my helmet. Thanks for making me smile today.
    @ Troubadour: Good idea! I will discuss this scenario with the potential owner if he is still willing to take it.

  4. Sonja, sorry to hear about the damage....damn thieves and vandals. It couldn't hurt, as Troubadour said, to ask the buyer if he'd be willing to just pay you $150 less. Is this something that can be done by you with the proper replacement unit perhaps.

    damn vandals and thieves...

  5. @Charlie6: Thanks. I appreciate your sympathies. I am still angry at whoever touched and hurt my Ladyhawk.