November 28, 2010


Since Gary raised the question...

Well, Gary... it's a bike. A means of transportation. A thing. I mount it, I ride it, and I get somewhere eventually. Nothing more than that... ;-)

Upon arrival at the dealer I was all sweaty hands and accelerated heartbeat nervous. I hadn't been on two wheels for seven weeks, and I didn't know how my knee would take the riding. I spent some time chatting with Rusty, the service manager to overcome the I-am-not-yet-ready state. Rusty rode the bike out of the shop into the dealer parking lot, and when I heard the familiar throbbing noise of my little thumper, and saw how squeaky clean and brand new she looked, all sinful thoughts about getting another two-wheeler were blown away in an instant.

My confidence increased with the familiar feel of the ideal (for me) seating position and height. I adjusted the mirrors, and went off on the highway without further ado. Cold wind whipped me in the face, and I had to adjust my scarf to cover mouth and nose. My leg didn't complain with the foot sitting on a brand new peg. The ride home was smooth, and the knowledge of replaced chain, fluids and break pads made me feel utterly safe. I took a little detour to get out of traffic. The bike did well, and it was as if we were never separated. And when I finally parked Nella in the garage, it was almost like I brought back home a brand new bike. I am in love all over again.


  1. There's nothing like actually getting on the bike and riding it to dispel all those preride nerves!

  2. I am delighted all went well with your reunion and I am even more delighted to find no reference to Morris Albert.

    I'm so looking forward to new Sonja and Nella adventures.


  3. The old confidence will return shortly Sonja...I was riding quite skittishly after my accident a couple of years ago....but that didn't last long.

    Besides, I still feel a bit of adrenaline rush each time I go on a's a good thing, keeps you alert to all the dang cagers.


    Redleg's Rides

    Colorado Motorcycle Travel Examiner

  4. Dear Sonja:

    I am thrilled to learn that the center of your riding universe is back. Now I hope you get an unanticipated thaw and some great riding weather. Watch for the ice and sand.

    Fondest regards,
    Jack • reep • Toad
    Twisted Roads

  5. @Nikos: Seems to work like a charm.
    @Circle Blue: Nothing more than feelings... and the worst part... I can't get this friggin' song out of my head.
    @Charlie6: Dom, you are right, a bit of adrenaline every now and then keeps you safe.
    @Jack Riepe: 'center of my riding universe' is nicely put. And thanks for the warning, I will certainly watch out for any debris and ice on the road.

  6. Great to hear you're back on the road.

  7. SonjaM:

    glad you have become "re-bonded" with Nella. I was going to take my Strom out on Saturday, I also haven't been riding since before all the bad weather, snow and ice but somehow I have hurt my throttle arm and it didn't seem like a good idea. It throbs just hanging there. I hope it goes away soon. At least temps will be up into the +8c range today

    Wet Coast Scootin

  8. @Canajun: It is really good to be out there again.
    @bobskoot: Re-bonded is an excellent choice of wording. Good to hear that you are also still 'out there'. Temperatures should be moderate this wee. Maybe I get another chance to ride next weekend.

  9. I thought you might have some pre-ride nerves, but I am very pleased you were able to get over that. I think that has happened to most of us at some point, especially getting back onto a bike that we had an accident on. I don’t think any of your readers believed you when you said “Its... it's a bike. A means of transportation. A thing,” The last line of your post is much more telling of how you really feel! I am happy you have your Nella back. My Leading Ladies are somewhere on a boat on the ocean....

  10. @Gary: My initial thought after the accident was getting rid of this bike and buying another. But this thought has gone now, and I am glad that Nella and I could, as Bob has put it, re-bond.

  11. There is a certain magic to falling in love all over again with something familiar. It happens to me pretty regularly with several things.