January 09, 2011

Never looking back

Screen shot taken from a highway camera close to my former home in Alberta. Brrrr. I guess I wouldn't be riding under these conditions and suffering from cabin fever. Once more I am thankful that I was given the opportunity to move to the albeit occasionally quite rainy but much warmer We(s)t Coast. Life can be good.


  1. Urgs ... yeah, we were following the weather in Calgary the last couple days and it's awful ... Glad we moved, too.

  2. Those are darn near perfect Ural riding conditions! :P


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  3. @Guido: California dreamin' that's what I do from time to time.
    @Charlie6: Dom, I knew you would like that!

  4. 30 km/h wind speed! I'll take our cold temperatures rather than that wind.
    @Guido, I moved from CA about 30 years ago because I got tired of the warm weather. No real seasons and I always had to drive somewhere to go x-country skiing.
    @Dom, time for your trans-Canada trip.


  5. Are you sure you didn't take that picture from one of the Atlanta highway cams? That is what our freeways look like today. And they aren't getting them cleaned off very quickly. :)

  6. That picture looks like what is happening in my neck of the woods! Snow, more snow, throw in some wind, and did I mention snow?

  7. Thanks for the perspective. Right as I'm getting sick of the west coast rain!

  8. @RichardM: Having been there I would neither have the wind nor the temps...
    @BeemerGirl: I didn't know Atlanta could get this kind of weather.
    @helmetorheels: Let me add 'more snow' on your list.
    @irondad: Isn't that right? Rain is good!

  9. SonjaM:

    great minds think alike. recently I went to Tim Hortons (only in Canada, sorry) and couldn't decide between double-chocolate, or maple fritter. so I had no choice but to buy BOTH. It's nice to have a donut and watch the snow. Next time it might be a maple fritter and cup of hot chocolate . I like to keep the donuts coming too

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