May 27, 2011

One Thousand

The previous owner had the 2006 Vespa Granturismo 200L for 5 years, and sold it with an odometer reading of 5,200km. Only 5 weeks in my possession, and another 1,000km were added to the clock.

Mighty 200cc, enough power to commute, zip around, and even go at highway speed if required. It offers comfortable seating, decent weather protection and storage room.

When I think of my F650GS, attributes such as reliable, robust, or efficient spring to mind. When I think Vespa I think beauty, class, style and elegance.

Mi piace il Beemer, ma Vespa mi amore. 
I like my Beemer, but I love Vespa.

Ride to work!


  1. Nice little Italian prose, but the Italiano in me must add:

    Mi piace il Beemer, ma Io amo la Vespa....

    Scusa, Non potrei resistere. : )


    Note: 18 months in Italy with the pick up things.

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    Colorado Motorcycle Travel Examiner

  2. Well done, I hate seeing bikes not getting used. Glad this one is!

  3. @Charlie6: Dom, I knew it, never trust google translate with an Italian job.
    @Raftnn: Roger, two words: daily commute!
    @Ken: Plum or Prune is lovely, indeed.

  4. I really like the composition of the first photo.

    1000km and the summer is just beginning.

  5. Congrats on the mileage! :)
    We came across a little scooter at Walmart the parking lot, not the store! It was so cute & has to be so much fun to run around town.

  6. Scary, Scary! Passion for the Vespa, leaving the BMW out. :( But I do understand. And you continue to fuel my desires for picking one up for a commuter. :)