July 21, 2010

North 101

It is time to turn around and head North, and we did so by riding the scenic byway which follows the coast line. Here are a few more snapshots from the road.
Head on
Adventure riders

Nella is a beach bum
More rocks
Yet another lighthouse
Last break before rush hour

In case one didn't notice: This is a croc-free and food-free post.
It was a long riding day and we were pretty down and out when we arrived at Tumwater, WA.


  1. Loving all the pictures of the coast. Sounds like you had a happy birthday, you deserve it. It was great to finally meet you Sonja and to get to know the woman behind the crocs.

  2. OMG beautiful!! fabulous pics! excellent scenery!

  3. croc-free....I like it! Great pics!

  4. Sonja, very pleased to meet you today at the Market. I do hope your ride back north was good and you made it home in plenty of time for your appointment -:)

    Oregon 101 is pretty special, don't you think? One of my personal favorites!