April 15, 2012

Running errands... kind of

Weekend has arrived and with it a long list of chores. So we made the best out of it and took the scooters to action. First stop was at Chevron for the mandatory air pressure check.
I was 'gassing up' on money, while the spousal unit took care of the mail. Of course our parking the bikes was not quite legal, so we let the Vespas blend in with the environment. Were we successful?
Afterwards we rode to the country side to do some grocery shopping at our favorite farmer's market. Organic and gluten free, please. Homegrown beef and local produce. Good stuff, but you lose a paycheck over it...
Also, Bella's and Paolo's insurance needed renewal. Happy anniversary! Now we are good for another year.
Last but not least, the bikes needed a long overdue wash. As I am not a big fan of cleaning bikes (you know... that's what rain is for!) I had the spousal unit do the work  ;-)

We also logged in about 150km and a total of three hours of pleasure riding in the lower mainland. Yes, Finally a longer ride, plus we managed to stay dry the whole time. That was a first this year.
Coffee break!
Nice to see that nature dressed up for the occasion.
 We came across some 'wild' animals.

Back in town we stopped at the old city hall, for the first time ever. We drove by many times, and always had admired the architecture.
 Seizing the moment.
 Tulips all over the place, reminding us of Holland.
What a lovely day!


  1. Sonja your photos are beautiful, you make running errands look so fun! Llamas! We saw one being walked on a bridle out in Metchosin way, had to look twice, could believe what I thought I saw. Today I rode my biggest ride yet I did the Port Renfrew Loop, it was fabulous. 260kms today, I am energized, tired, happy, contented and giddy all at the same time! Still needed over pants with liners though. Beautiful day.

  2. Favorite image: the last one with the bikes and tulips. :)

    Looks like a wonderfully productive day for errands as well as mental realization. And I am glad that yr spousal unit is also adept at washing the bikes. Hehe

  3. Indeed a lovely day! I would have loved to join you on your errands, but my Metro could not keep up. And I would LOVE to shop at Hopcotts! Great photos and so nice to spend part of the day with you!

  4. Oooh what fun to putter around of two wheels and stay dry.

    It is nice that you could accomplish all of your chores on two wheels.

    Have you gone gluten free? My boss has and says that the arthritis in his hands feels better.

    That Canada post mailbox is almost the same color as the scooter. I say that is blending in. And as much as I love two wheeled pics, I think the 'wild animal' is my favorite picture.

  5. I think the Vespa's blend in very nicely. And, I totally agree: Why was a bike when there is rain.

  6. Such reckless disregard for parking laws....I didn't realize scooterists were such scofflaws! ;p


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  7. Good post! I enjoyed it :)