May 08, 2012

The First Encounter

By the time you read this, two certain old tattletales I had the pleasure to meet in the land of plenty (a.k.a. New Zealand) have already spilled the beans about my fortune here and here.

But let's start at the beginning, that is if I can still remember the correct sequence of events. The past to weeks are still a blur of work, meetings, food, more work, food, people and more food, and plenty of other activities, preventing me from getting any beauty sleep.
On my very first day down under I already escaped my co-workers (and likely shop talk) by meeting with the infamous gravel-road and blacktop rider Roger and his partner Terry who picked me up from the company flat, and introduced me to Kiwi hospitality.

Terry gave Roger the rest of the day off, and so Roger, my forty-plus quick-witted brother from another mother, and excellent cook by the way, and me trailed of to enjoy the sunny day out at Pine Harbour, where said bloke sponsored my lunch, and managed to lose his wallet shortly after, but was lucky to retrieve it after we backtracked our path.

It was a gorgeous day, and having just arrived from the Northern Hemisphere I felt reasonably warm while the Kiwis were already dressed up in boots and sweaters. So, accompanied by the surprised if not irritated looks of the natives, and very much to Roger's embarrassment the crazy Canadian in me demanded to dip my feet in the waters. It was lovely.

Later the day Roger offered to prepare his fabulous chicken curry, and I had the pleasure to meet the rest of the family, as there were tom-girl Taylor (who I had a lot in common with such as soccer, martial arts and riding), and Nathan, a bit shy at the beginning but soon thawing up and pestering me with questions about Germany, German history and other gruesome things such as tanks or weapons (must be a boy thing...).

And here endeth the first day, and work took over.


  1. See that Rogey? She called you old!! How could he possibly be embarrassed just taking a stroll along the beach?? Embarrasses too easily then. Hehe

  2. Well, he is a forty plus!

    I guess he got embarrassed over my excitement for the warm water (that doesn't appear that warm to Kiwi).