November 16, 2011

Façades of Portland

A Collection of Staircases

Structures and Facades



Don't mind the weather. Portland is well worth a visit at any given time. Do it like the Portlanders do, leave your car at home, and don't take an umbrella with you.


  1. Great post Sonja. I like the staircase theme.

    It is funny that we too say you can spot a tourist..... The only ones using an umbrella. Though I do confess to using one when at work and I have to walk to the post office or courthouse in a downpour.

    Thanks for the great pictures.

  2. As somebody that worked in construction all of my career, looking at buildings is always good fun. Older buildings produce a fascination all of their own. I carry an umbrella in my car, but it rarely gets used.

  3. @Trobairitz: Thank you, I was quite fascinated by it. I am not an umbrella type and prefer a rain jacket myself. So I was actually camouflaged as a native.

    @Gary France: Gary I love the esthetics that comes with certain architecture no matter if building, bridge or industrial.

  4. Sonja

    These are awesome! I love how motorcyclists/scooterists are shutterbugs. I have never taken as many pictures as I have since starting 2 wheeling it. I love taking pictures of architecture.

  5. Its a bit hard to fit an unbrella on my R1, but i'm sure i'll not miss it. Your right about some places have character all of there own just because of the architecture.
    I used to live in a small country town where all the old buildings from the 1800's were all victorian style, very beautiful. I look for these type of things on rides but unfortunalety in Australia they are few and far between.

  6. I love walking around Portland. I agree, park the car or leave it at home. Cities are for walking. Love the variety of architecture, and all the little things you can spot when on foot.

  7. I, too, love downtown Portland. Are you by chance still there? I am only a little over an hour South.

  8. @Dar: Indeed, it is like a drug...

    @Chillertek: They tend to tear down the old buildings here in Canada to build ugly new ones. Too bad, not much nice architecture left in the West.

    @bluekat: Traveling slow, in this case on foot gives you that opportunity to notice the little things.

  9. @Irondad: No, unfortunately I am already back in (rainy) Vancouver. Too bad.