January 25, 2010

Amazing Snow Ride

Winter in Finland - Way to Home from -W- on Vimeo.

A good reason, why I need an Enduro Bike... I would love to try this. Headed back again to Winnipeg now, where they have a blizzard warning in effect. Great! I am thinking: Three weeks down... three more to go.

January 23, 2010

Why don't I have a desk?

One downside of the consulting business (there are indeed more but I don't want to elaborate on this now...) is the challenging ergonomic environment. When I am with a client I sit all day long in an uncomfortable chair, often with my computer in my lap (hence the name laptop, I guess). No surprise that I am in desperate need of a chiropractor by the end of the week. But I find myself in good company, since Scully (X-Files Episode 4x13 - Never Again) once asked the same question...
At least I get a room with a view on occasion. Only this week without the colors. It is all black and white out there, the only change is from light to dark grey. I haven't been out on the road on two wheels for almost two months now. I am craving a change of scenery, and season. Enough with the white stuff, looking forward to the returning of the green stuff now.

January 14, 2010

A new brain bucket

Since I occasionally experience claustrophobia while wearing a full face helmet, I started shopping around for a 3/4 helmet a while ago. I was very much in favor of the (pricey) ARAI SZ RAM3 until - by accident -I discovered a review for the NOLAN N-43 while virtually riding pillion on the Motorcycle Paradise Blog. The N-43 is available as a crossover with a removable chin bar, and comes with a clear shield to the chin plus an integrated sun shield on the inside of the helmet. It is considerably lightweight, and the chin strap has actually a quick-release lock. And Bonus, it cost 50% less than the RAM3.

January 10, 2010

Drool-Time 2010

It's the Motorcycle Show in Calgary, and it's fairly small, compared to the INTERMOT (THE German Two-Wheeler Fair in Cologne), but better than nothing at all. My goal was to check out helmets, and get another close look at the G650GS, alas the bike was a no-show, and here's the reason why: there is just so much space in a trailer, or so one's told. Yeah, right, sure, whatever... and off I went to Suzuki to mount the V-Strom, which comes in my favorite color this year: orange.
I look a little lost on that bike, and the handlebar is too far away for comfort. But I have to admit, it is a mighty pretty two-wheeler.
The show seemed to be dominated by choppers, there was a lot of shiny chrome on display. Pleasant to look at, but how do you actually ride these things?
Did I mention that I love classic motorcycles? In the adjacent hall one could have a look at some classic bikes, and yet again the British two-wheelers win the beauty contest.
But the chrome Duc isn't to bad either.
And last but not least, to my absolute surprise Royal Enfield's little thumpers are coming to Canada. Their website has only been launched recently, and all my cafe racer dreams will now come back and haunt me.
Overall it was time well spent, and I came back with a pile of brochures, free magazines and a 2.5" thick Touratech catalogue for inspiration, humming the Barenaked Ladies' song 'If I had a million dollars...'

January 03, 2010

Time to say Goodbye, my LadyHawk!

I sold my little trusty LadyHawk today to a very nice polish guy, who really seem to cherish the beauty of this pretty red thing. The bike served me well during my re-beginner phase, and I wish I could have kept her around, alas I cannot afford to keep a whole fleet of two-wheelers yet, and I can certainly use the cash for my next investment...

Oceana Pacifica

Last impressions from scenic Highway No. 1 from a couple of days ago. Soon we will be headed back to the freezer we call 'home'.
Highway No. 1
Pigeon Point Light House
Rugged coastline
Incoming Storm

Our vintage bike still looks pretty, and so can you

While window-shopping in Palo Alto I discovered a fully restored 1946 Indian Chief in a very specific 'body shop'. I was so fascinated by the bike on display that I only noticed afterwards that the store was actually selling cosmetics and skin care products. To the sales lady's disappointment I was only interested in the motorcycle, not in their product line.