September 26, 2009

Fall and Fallen

Forever Autumn? In Alberta, not. If you are lucky, Fall will last a week or two.

Meanwhile I am still improving my riding skills with the Hawk on a 'closed course', while I use the scooter quite a bit for short trips to run errands or to do groceries. This storage room under the seat is just priceless for exactly these purposes.

Since my sister and her son came over for a visit, I didn't have much time to go out for a fun-ride. We drove around, and I enjoyed showing her the beauty of the country. We traveled to Banff, toured the Kananaskis and visited the Badlands, while the bikes were patiently waiting for another adventure. But today was a good day to to capture the fall colors before they would fade away, hence I took the SWing for a spin in the neighborhood.

I mastered the cross-winds, avoided some nasty potholes, and felt very confident with my driving skills. Too early, because after entering the parkade (where my bikes live), I failed to negotiate a right turn. I must have slipped on some dust covered oil or grease on the concrete, because suddenly the scooter went horizontal, and I found myself surfing the pavement. Since I was - again - fully geared up, I only got a few bruises where the protectors hit my knee and elbow, and my shoulder felt a little sore after trying to move the scooter into an upright position by myself.

Although I remembered the exercise from the training video, I couldn't manage to lift up the 250kg dead weight all by myself. The Swing was plain flat on the ground and I definitely needed a second pair of hands. Those came in the form of an elderly cager who came to my rescue. It turned out he was an old biker himself, and he only found encouraging words for me. Finally I duck-walked the bike to my parking lot and checked the damage. I got lucky. Just a few scratches on the fairing and the mirror, actually nothing was seriously damaged, except for my pride.

September 16, 2009

Bike Shots

During my sister's stay I had the opportunity to capture these pics, riders obviously enjoyed the yet wonderful weather. It had around 25 to 30 degrees (Celsius) in the Badlands, and it was still 13 Degrees (Celsius) in Kananaskis. Carpe Diem! The white stuff is coming back soon enough!

Near Drumheller

On Highway 40