August 31, 2015

Time flies by, when you're having fun!

Our chauffeur to the Masse residence

Aug 27: Arrived at Montreal airport, and got picked up by David, a former scooter commuter, moto-blogger and co-owner of a certain Honda cruiser.

Yours truly meets Black Betty

For the next two days we occupied the Masses' space, made them prepare dinner, ate their food, and emptied their bottles. We didn't jump in their pool though, although we feel that we should have... Well, at the end we took their car.

Vegan and gluten free cuisine à la yours truly
Well done, David!

Aug 28: Got the all-you-can-see-in-one-day tour. Susan and David showed us all the sights that we needed to see, and given the professional approach we are convinced that they must have done this before.

The hosts and their spoiled guests
Susan and yours truly doing a tourist thing.
St. Louis Square
Place Jacques Cartier 
Formula 1 track - Speed limit 30 km/h?
Roland & David

Habitat 67

On top we had hand rolled signature bagels at St Viateur and fabulous coffee at the Myriad cafe, plus dinner at a bring-your-own-wine gastro pub (Wellington). 

Bring your own wine!

Aug 29: Next morning we left, but not without being treated to another great breakfast made by David. Thanks so much David & Susan for squeezing us into your tight schedule, and spending your time with us. You'll for sure get a premium rating on the moto-blogger trip advisor.

We came for wifi, and left with an empty wallet
At the Iroquois Locks

We had scheduled a meet up along the way in Morrisburg with Karen, another moto-blogger. We followed her along the shoreline of the St. Lawrence river in the area of the The Thousand Islands Archipelago, nestled between the Canadian and US border. What a beautiful and tranquil area. 

Then she lead us to her home, where we dropped our (David's) car, and after Karen showed us the sights of downtown Kingston.

Kingston fortification against the US
View on Kingston from Fort Henry
Kingston Mills Lock of the Rideau Canal

At dawn we returned to her home, where we once again raided our host's fridge, and consumed her wine. A routine that we are meanwhile quite accustomed to. She made us sleep in a tent for this...

Dinner's ready!

Camping as a matter of fact was a wonderful experience after 28 years of the non-camping kind. Haven't slept that well in ages.

Aug 30: We had a healthy breakfast, and chatted until noon before moving on to Algonquin Provincial Park. Meanwhile feeling like locusts, since we had deprived Karen of most of her gluten free and vegan provisions. Karen, thanks again for everything, and especially for all the goodies for the road. They came to good use later in our little cabin in the woods. And there will be another excellent rating for the moto blogger trip advisor.

Three hours later we had arrived at Dreamcatcher Motel, and moved into our home for the next two days. The cabin was equipped with fridge, coffee maker and micro wave in order for us to (somewhat) prepare our own breakfast and dinner.

We picked up a day pass at the visitor center and chose two afternoon hikes in order to stretch our legs: The (rather challenging) Lookout trail of 2km provided the park's signature view overlooking an ocean of forest:

while the Spruce bog trail was an easy hike of 1.5km through a bog.

Spent the evening in front of a camp fire. Life is good!

Got fire, baby!
Vegan&gluten free cheese&cracker

Mehr auf Deutsch gibt es dazu hier:

August 25, 2015

The mysterious Province

I am talking about Quebec (pronounced: kebek). Of course one will find lots of facts and figures written up on Wikipedia and elsewhere such as being located in east-central Canada, being the largest Canadian province by area, and having a population of 8.2 million with French as their sole official language.

Source: wikimedia

Another interesting trivia might be that Quebec was founded in 1763, so it is quite old for North American standards, and will likely have a lot of history to offer. Its largest city is Greater Montreal with a population of 3.8 million followed by Quebec City short under 0.8 million. And then there is weather, all four seasons (big on winter), an abundance of wildlife (moose anyone?), and half a million lakes or so.

The music is Celine Dion, the sports is hockey and the cuisine is poutine. What does that say about these Quebecois or is it Quebecers? I have to admit, I know next to nothing about Quebec, but as I am going to spend a major portion of my journey in this very province, am curious to find out more...

During my research I had a hard time finding travel information about Quebec. Most of the travel literature seem to recommend a visit of Montreal and Quebec City, plus a tour around the Gaspé peninsula. But is that it? I searched for blogs with Quebec travel content but to limited avail. Nothing to be found in English language, forget about German, and most Quebecois bloggers seem to be globetrotters, not homebodies. Is there nothing to write about in this huge province or do they simply want to keep the beauty of Quebec a hidden secret? At the end I came across two blogs where I found some cultural and culinary inspiration:

I do not understand everything, and Google translate doesn't seem to help much with Canadian French, however pictures tell the story just as well, and now I am very much looking forward to visiting the mysterious province, that nobody seems to write about.


Für die deutsche Version hopst doch bitte mal 'rüber auf meinen Kanada-Blog.