March 28, 2010

Waitakere Ranges

Impressions from a narrow winding Scenic Route
Roadkill? Found this scooter carcass on the road to Piha Beach.
This is not a one-way lane!
A wooden fence for guard rail, and after that... nothing but green stuff below.
The word 'green' doesn't really cut it.
Piha Beach - A surfer's paradise
View on Lion Rock

March 27, 2010

Secondary Roads

Today I went on a 360km round-trip to explore the areas north of Auckland. The quality of the roads is good, despite the occasional gravel, and the lanes wind through hills and valleys with changing vegetation.
Pacific Ocean Beach at Mangawhai Heads:
I am wearing a Triumph Tee... to throw in some motorcycle related content.

March 26, 2010

Down and out in Auckland

I haven't seen much of the City and surroundings yet. Too much work and training lead consequently to information overload. Besides I was sick with a flu that I must have caught during travels between Calgary, Vancouver and Auckland.
Nevertheless, I managed to visit Kare Kare Beach, and got wet feet, and went up No Tree One Tree Hill in Auckland for a gorgious city view.
The weather was warm, but unstable with occasional strong winds and rain torrents. Driving on the wrong left side of the road is awkward, to say the least, and the drivers... let's just say, that I had the feeling that I am back in Calgary, only that people here are driving at higher speed.
One Tree Hill after sunset.

March 19, 2010

In and Out

At Buntzen Lake near Port Moody, BC
I haven't had the time to think a lot about bikes lately. The last two weeks where packed with work, apartment hunting and finding a car. That's why I had put up a reminder in my office:
The poster is showing Chris Pfeiffer, a German freestyle and stunt champion. Some might know of Chris's ride on the BMW tower in Munich, Germany. Oh, and I managed to book a G650GS for a test ride on the BMW riding days in April.

Bags are packed... off to Kiwi-Land now... more work, but hopefully some time for sight-seeing, too.

March 12, 2010

Memoires de Paris

I revisited Paris, France today. In my memories, that is. Triggered by Chuck's blog post. I did spend some time in this lovely city while working for a French company. Those were the days, my friends...
1998 Paris, France.

March 07, 2010

The eye of the beholder

I met this guy nearby Science World at False Creek today while he was setting up this little two-wheeler for display. It turned out that he was taking commercial photos for the promotion of this electric scooter.
It's a Motorino XPr.

It looked kinda nice, but I would want a scooter with a little more umph, especially to keep flowing with the Vancouver traffic.

March 06, 2010

Meeting the pink croc man

There is this guy, the world calls him Bob(skoot), he is a rider, writes a blog, knows a lot about photography and lives in Vancouver. He is known to wear pink crocs on occasion, and to socialize with complete strangers. We met on the internet, we connected and finally met in person.
Yesterday he picked me up for dinner after work, and took me down the scenic road towards Richmond, or so he said. Funny though, that this detour would include a complete unintentional visit to the local Beemer dealer. Here's Bob checking out my new bike (I wish...).
Since we had a little time left before we got to meet Mrs Skoot, Bob introduced me to his riding buddy John, who is a true adventure rider, and rides whenever and wherever, his newest project being exploring the back roads to Bella Coola.
It happened to be Mrs. Skoot's birthday (thanks for not telling me, Bob...), and her choice was the Tanpopo, a great Japanese all-you-can-eat Sushi restaurant on Denman in Downtown Vancouver. First I was a little shy to try raw fish, but the tuna and salmon was excellent indeed. We had a wonderful time, and my head is full from all the recommendations and information I got, like my belly is full of Sushi. Thanks, Bob and Yvonne for making me feel welcome to Vancouver. I hope we can do this again some time.
Happy Birthday, Mrs Skoot!

Oh, and here's Bob's posting.

March 01, 2010

When in Vancouver...

They did it!
And I had to be there.
Bloody tourist.
Something two-wheeler related thrown in: 
The Scooter Fan Mobile.
It was crazy downtown. After spending two hours in the crowds, I needed my solitude and tranquility back. So, here's the view out of my New Westminster hotel window:
The hosts provide complementary earplugs. I will be counting Sky-Trains instead of sheep tonight.