July 18, 2009

Shopping for a bike

What do I want from a beginner bike? It would have to be cheap, and ready to ride, between 400 and 800cc, and an electric starter would be a nice plus. It doesn't have to be a beauty. So I browsed the usual suspects (Craigslist, Kijiji, Buy and Sell) to see what's out there for 2,000 to 3,000 bucks.
I came across a 1979 Honda CB400 for 2,000$. The owner kept her in a shack, and although he claimed to be working in a repair shop the bike was rather in an average shape. Nevertheless, I got her kick-started on the first try, and the bike sounded healthy. But too much investment would have to be made before she would be street-safe. Hence I checked out another bike in Olds, a 1982 Honda CB650. She looked o.k., was even equipped with an electric starter, but she was leaking oil, and certainly not worth the asking price of 2,500$. Next I had a look at a 2002 Suzuki GS500E, which seemed to have been stored outdoors for the better part of her life. The poor thing was rusty and looked twice her age. Well, that certainly explains the asking price of only 2,200$.

July 12, 2009

Willkommen, Bienvenue, Welcome!

This blog evolved from a motorcycle diary to a travelogue with some everyday snippets of life thrown into the mix. Sometime after our move to Germany in 2013 I began posting in English and German in order to accommodate some of my German followers.

About me:

A Fischkopp (fish head), born in Northern Germany, in "the land between the seas" with saltwater in my blood, but uprooted and raised in the country's midwestern industrial heart. Frequently suffering from travel bug. Spent eight years in Canada a.k.a. the best time of my life. Married to my soulmate (a.k.a. RolandM and occasional guest blogger).
My hobbies include riding motorised or pedal powered two-wheelers, hiking and RVing. A bit of an epicurean, I like a good and easy life and excellent food. Mostly vegan since 2012 but part-time pescetarian, when the craving for sushi overcomes me. When confined to indoors you'll likely find me in front of my computer blogging or reading blogs. I love the old fashioned way of reading (books), especially when the topics include traveling, but I don't mind a good mystery novel either. And depending on the time of the day, I'll have a cuppa tea or a glas of wine going with it. Interested in a variety of things such as geomorphology, archeology, palaeontology, politics, people, nature, cooking, health and life as it is. My motto: Life is good!

The beginnings (of this blog):

Summer 2009 found me unemployed and bored in Calgary, Alberta, Canada, so I procured a twenty year old Honda and went off into the sunset.

My first bike - July 2009

- sold 2010 -

Fast forward to 2017... meanwhile I call a 'herd' of three bikes my own: a Vespa for commuting, a Sportster for European travels, and a Honda Shadow, meanwhile parked in Montreal  in Toronto for road trips through North America, meanwhile sold due to lack of opportunity.

Update 2019: The herd has been thinned out since, the Shadow and the orange Vespa had been sold in 2017 but I still own the Harley, and ride the husband's red Vespa to work, which came along when we moved back to Germany in 2013.

Update 2020: In the meantime the Sportster has found a new home as well. Bella, the red Vespa is still with us, though. 

- sold 2020 -
- sold 2017 -
- sold 2018 -
Bella, the Italian-Canadian beauty