January 26, 2013

No Riding? No Problem!

No PMS (Parked Motorcycle Syndrome) for me this year. I am spending most of my free time on two feet (not two wheels), and I am perfectly fine with it.

Boots are made for walking! Are you ready, Boots? Start walking!
January came and went, and I walked...
I walked in dry weather,
and in the wet.
I walked in the forests,
and by the sea.
I walked in the snow,
and in the fog.
After the fog there came the blue sky.
And while at it I started to become quite fond of the bird life around me.

January 11, 2013

About Change

Last year's new year’s resolutions contained a rigorous (for me) change in lifestyle. I started walking and exercising and I changed my diet. At the end I became (mostly) vegan.

I didn’t go “cold tofurky” though, my approach was gradual. First I fastened, then I changed my eating habits to a low carb, sugar free, and gluten free diet. I became a vegetarian before I went vegan. My motivation for this was triggered by underlying health issues. ALL OF THEM ceased to exist after changing to a gluten free and vegan diet, while a welcome side effect was the return to the 'normal weight' category in the BMI.

However, my decision to avoid animal products in my diet didn’t convert me into a fiery PETA supporter. I admit that I still have a soft spot for sushi. Also, I haven’t banned products made from animal hides from my closet such as my motorcycle pants, leather jackets or leather boots, but I turned to vegan cosmetic products.

No worries, this blog certainly isn't going to turn into a mission towards gluten free and vegan lifestyle. That this change worked for me doesn't necessarily mean that it will do the same for you. But if you suffer from indeterminable symptoms such as depression, mood swings, fatigue, headaches, joint pain or digestive problems, think about your diet before you accept to take the drugs your doctors prescribe too lightly instead of working with you on a holistic approach. Just saying...

For my transition to healthier living I have to thank Richard for his inspiration to keep walking in any kind of weather. I also want to thank a certain bunch of vegan moto-bloggers namely Brandy, Brad, and Chris, for sharing their insight and recipes, as well as Guido’s wife Andrea (a nutritionist by trade) for her professional support. And I couldn't have pulled it off without my supportive better half who has to put up with my food experiments.
Life is good!

January 05, 2013

Warm and mostly Rainy

Some snippets from a recent trip to Germany...

A view on the famous city I grew up, and where Aspirin was (re-)invented.
We went on a shopping spree on the boulevard , and discovered that products not made in China still exist.
A coal mining shaft tower in the Ruhrpott, the most densely populated area in Germany.
An E(lectric power)-station for E-scooters. Yes, indeed for scooters only.

During our sojourn in the homeland we were confronted with a highly unusual weather pattern such as temperatures of +15C (59F), strong winds and lots of rain causing flooding.
River Rhine had forgotten where its place was, and flooded the fields and drowned the trees.
At least we were in for a treat and got a rare glimpse of blue sky and a sunset.

Nightlife in a random smalltown... pretty much non existent.
Impressions along the river Saar. Below the beautiful Saar loop, alas hidden in the fog.
Rivers, castles, churches, picturesque towns.
It would have been nice to travel two-wheeled. It was certainly warm enough for it.

The visit was far too short but we got what we came for: A wonderful time with family and friends.

A peek on Greenland on our flight back. The vikings certainly had a good sense of humor when naming this godforsaken icy desert.
And upon return to Canada we are once again getting completely jet-lagged.
Never mind. It's a nice way to start the new year with some traveling.

January 01, 2013

Happy New Riding Year!

For those young at heart...