December 07, 2009

Meet the Elephant

The Elephant Rally a.k.a. Elefantentreffen, is a major winter motorcycle rally, which takes place annually on the last weekend in January in the Bavarian Forest in Germany, organized by the Federal Association of Motorcycle Riders, and attracts up to 5,000 weather resistant hardcore bikers every year.
It is an exclusive motorcycles only event. Cars, buses and even quads are not allowed. And the purpose is of course getting there safe and alive, building a camp, eating and occasionally getting drunk (you need to stay warm somehow...). All short for three days of having lots of fun.
Founded in 1956 by a German journalist the Rally was named after the Zündapp KS601, called the Green Elephant for its looks, power, and all weather capabilities.
Since there are a lot of year-round riders out there I am wondering whether there are similar winter rallys happening in North America as well.


  1. I've read about this rally....sounds like a "cool" event, event though I don't like rallies per se....

  2. Hi your article on the Elephant rally is really interesting - I heard about this rally years ago when I first toured abroad on my motorbike in 1989, I have never been but now being a Brit living in Munich and as one of my motorbikes is an 800 ST BMW I perhaps have no excuse. I have been to a similar rally a couple of times in Wales in February called the Dragon Rally, that too is freezing and camping out in Snow - you dont remove any clothing prior to getting into the tent at night. Best Wishes Angela

  3. Sounds like a very robust gathering!

    I have heard of a few such gatherings around the midwest USA. Last week a fairly large group of riders did their annual Christmas Toys run. They do it regardless of the weather. Fortunately, this time they had only to contend with cold. But they have held it during some pretty scary blizzard like conditions. I know others exist but as a solo rider I tend not to pay too much attention to them. I'd like to one day do my own big winter ride.

  4. SonjaM:

    a BEEMER GS for you

    bobskoot: wet coast scootin