December 18, 2009

A Motorcycle Hierarchy of Needs

Temperatures, snow and slush on the ground, and long work hours away from home make it impossible to spend any quality time on the bike. Meanwhile, my Hawk is patiently waiting in the parkade, and I check on her and un-dust her every weekend, leaving her with the promise to get her back on the road as quickly as possible.

Nevertheless, I admit that I am unfaithful. There are thoughts of selling the Honda, and getting a new bike instead. And after having moved the idea in my heart, I know it will happen eventually. I was even able to narrow it down to two models: A lowered BMW F650GS or a Triumph Bonneville.

Since I haven't got the budget to act on my desires (yet), Maslow's Hierarchy of Needs came to mind. (One of the few things that have been deeply and irrevocably implanted into my memories during business school...)

July 2009 - Physiological Needs (Survival):
I need a bike, any model, age or shape will do.
August 2009 - Safety Needs (Comfort):
I require good equipment, and a scooter, too, to improve my riding skills on two wheels.
September 2009 - Social Needs (Love):
I join a riding group, and I publish my blog, too, to interact with other motorcycle enthusiasts. And yes, I love my little Honda.
November 2009 - Self-Esteem:
My riding skills are improving, and I test my boundaries (temperature-wise).
December 2009 - Self-Actualization:
I am on a quest of finding the perfect bike to reach my full potential as a rider.

Note to reader: Sorry for the bla bla, I am not myself lately, and suffer from migraines, since the Chinook wind kicked in, and warmed up temperatures by 30C within two days.


  1. Sonja, IF I get a vote it'd be for the lowered F650GS, but then again, I am biased towards Beemers.....the bonnies are prettier but I just don't know about their mechanicals.

  2. SonjaM:

    anything that is NOT a street bike, so between the two it has to be the F650GS. I like the idea of being able to travel on gravel roads

    bobskoot: wet coast scootin

  3. @Charlie6 and Bob: I wish I could have both... The Triumph has more style and flair, the F650GS is technically up to snuff and has indeed gravel road capabilities. It will be a tough decision.

  4. Interesting self analysis, SonjaM. When the time is right you'll make the best decision. Trust your instincts.

    Now, did you really mean 30º Celsius? As in 86º Fahrenheit? In December? In Canada? I'm stunned!

  5. @Chuck: The temperature changed from -30C (-22F) back to about zero C (32F) within 24 hours... and raised even to +8C (46F) the day after...