April 22, 2011

Va bene!

Very well! Today it's Paolo's turn to take me to work. It is a little nippy (5C, 41F), and there is still hoar frost on the roofs, but nothing on the ground.

Once again I am in my favourite lot in front of the office. Methinks it is probably just a matter of time when I get the first complaint about taking up one full parking spot, because we are five employees and only have four spots... first come, first serve ;-)
Our offices are not really equipped to accommodate two-wheeled commuters. The server room has to serve me as a changing room , and our unisex washroom becomes my personal powder room to make myself presentable to the public.
My workspace... since I don't have a locker to store my gear, my bookshelf has to suffice.

I took off early (for my that is 4PM) and roamed through the city. Traffic was dense because of a heavy accident, but eventually eased up in the outskirts, where I enjoyed the mild temperatures sitting by the river.

I noted a few little differences between Paolo and Bella, almost like they are indeed different characters. The GTS250 hums, while the GT200 has a throaty voice. The additional 50cc can be felt while accelerating.
I tiptoe on Bella, while I flatfoot on Paolo. The red one feels more nimble, but the plum bike seem to keep better balance.
It is really hard to determine which one is the better bike. The GTS250 certainly has the technical advantage through its additional cc's, fuel injection and upgraded lighting, and probably has the better braking system, too. However, I might have developed a little crush on Paolo.


  1. SonjaM, a correction please: braking, not breaking...wouldn't want folks to think Vespa has adopted the Ural method! : )

    Changing in the server room, oh to be part of a small company again. The server room here is a bit more restrictive in what you can do in there....cameras, dirt collection pads at the door, and of course no food or drink. The data center is even worse in terms of restriction.

    I am fortunate to have a small narrow cabinet in my "cubicle" where I can stash most of my riding gear, but as the dress code is informal here, I can doff my riding gear at my desk and in two minutes be ready.

    Nice pictures, though I am missing seeing Nella....


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  2. @Charlie6: correction done, thanks ;-)
    Heading out with Nella in an hour, that is if she still wants to start up...

  3. That's pretty chilly to be riding! We've had similar temps but snow and rain this week. Hoping to dry out and warm up soon.

  4. Plum. I was wondering what color Paolo is. At first I thought it was black then brown then blue. As far as your workspace, my first thought was that saying about a clean desk...

    I consider myself very fortunate to have an office with a door that locks. After riding in the rain, there is plenty of room to let gear dry out.

    The red really pops out in your photos. Even on a cloudy day.


  5. @helmetorheels: At least we haven't gotten any of the white stuff...
    @RichardM: Clean desk? This is as messy as it gets. Actually I am a big fan of paperless, and most files don't even get printed these days. I HATE paper piles on desks, they give a false impression of people's workload. (Hard working or hardly working comes to mind when I see tons of paper on a desk...)