April 27, 2011

Liquid Sunshine

Here in the Pacific Northwest we get plenty of rain. If a motorcyclist were to wait for a sunny day without chances of precipitation, well... let's just say one would almost never ride.
There is no such thing as bad weather, only bad gear. Besides, our Vespa's provide great protection from the wet stuff.
Hockey Night in Canada! The best time to ride! Empty roads guaranteed.
A mix of rain and sunshine, that's what they call it liquid sunshine out here.
And while others sit in front of their TV's we sit on a wet bench and enjoy special effects made by Mother Nature.
And we had the whole spectacle to ourselves.
Who cares that it was raining again all the way back home.


  1. Beautiful images and thoughts. Empty roads, beautiful skies, and a wonderful partner to share it all with. I think the photos you chose perfectly capture the mood of your post. A pleasure to read!

  2. Wonderful sea and cloud thallasographic scenes!


  3. Nice pictures Sonja....most folks really don't understand don't they, appreciating nature's views in quiet solitude...and most important, riding to get to said views.


    Redleg's Rides

    Colorado Motorcycle Travel Examiner

  4. Gorgeous sunset pictures. Great idea about riding during hockey playoffs. Empty roads are good roads.

  5. It seems that's the attitude I'll have to develop this year. But first I'll have to get some decent rain gear.... :(

  6. Nice photos! I didn't know you acquired Vespas! I can't bring myself to sell mine. They're fun aren't they?

  7. @bluekat: Thank you Kari, I am glad that my better half finally 'caved in' and agreed to purchasing the Vespa's. Much more fun, to share this two-wheeled hobby.
    @Nikos: You are using a very eclectic word for some simple waterfront pics.
    @Charlie6: Agreed, Dom. That's why we are doing this, right?
    @Trobairitz: It needed a bit of convincing but the promise of riding sans traffic won over the hockey game ;-)
    @Canajun: Good plan. Rain gear might help with the riding in the rain ;-)
    @Mike: Only recently acquired, and still getting used to it. But we're loving it!

  8. Wonderful images! What perfect timing to watch the sunset. It must be great to have fellow traveler on his own bike to share this with!

  9. Please stop it.

    Stop posting such terrific pictures that make (most of) us wonder how you get such good pictures.

    Stop telling stories of great rides on empty roads.

    Stop demonstrating to us that you have access to such splendid scenery on your doorstep.

    Stop showing us your newly acquired bikes!

    Stop making us jealous.

    Please, don’t stop!

  10. @BeemerGirl: Thank you. I am really happy that my better half can tag along on some of the rides now.
    @Gary: I am so sorry... I can't help it. Don't blame me, blame Canada for letting me in ;-)