September 05, 2012

A Leisure Weekend

Unlike in Europe, heading South in our neck of the woods doesn't always mean that the weather is getting better and the temperatures become milder by the mile.

September just sneaked in almost unnoticed, the days are getting shorter, and the mornings and evenings have a certain chill in the air. Notwithstanding we were lucky this weekend, because we had the perfect gossamer, and we were headed to Kirkland at Washington Lake.
A Duc and a Thruxton made for a very inspiring picture on Chuckanut Drive. Alas, we took the car this time as we carried some gear along as well as wanted to do some (cheap) shopping below the 49th parallel.

We started early on Saturday hoping to cross the border quickly (still had 45 minutes of wait), and had an excellent breakfast at The Old Town Cafe in Bellingham. And yes, it was organic, gluten free, and vegan (for me).
We brought along our own coffee and tea from Rocket Donuts, a bakery offering gluten free and vegan products for those health nuts with a sweet tooth.
We love the Bellingham area, and Chuckanut Drive, and explore it every time that we are around. Unlike last year, no fog at Deception Pass Bridge.
We crossed Whidbey Island and took the ferry back to the mainland from Clinton to Mukilteo.
We arrived at our hotel in Kirkland shortly after 3PM, and were welcomed with an upgrade which we gladly accepted: How could we reject a room double the size we had reserved, with a balcony, a king-size bed...
... and a stunning view on the lake.

After settling in we consulted Happy Cow for a dinner suggestion, and were not disappointed at Graces 5 in Redmond.
A kale salad and Thai spring rolls did it for me, and a penne bolognese for the spouse. The dessert was inhaled so quickly (a chocolate cake fudge thingy) that I couldn't manage to snap a picture.

The day wasn't over yet. The evening hat a concert in store of us: Diana Krall, the fabulous Canadian jazz singer and pianist, at the winery Chateau St. Michele. Although not at her best (she had a cold), it was a great show at a lovely venue.
The atmosphere is special. You bring your own seating (we had blankets), buy some wine, have crackers, and (vegan) cheese if you want to.
It is a big family event, and the concert is just the cherry on top.

It got late, so we slept in on Sunday only shortly interrupted by taking a picture for Martha's Challenge. We had breakfast at the hotel. Their granola mix on fresh fruit was pretty good although the waitress was genuinely surprised when I ordered soy milk instead of yogurt to go with it.
We walked along the shore, enjoyed the vistas and spent the day watching boats and people, reading, and we did a bit shopping, too. As the spousal unit knows his way around in the kitchen he also likes to shop kitchen gadgets. So, among others we acquired a pan made in Denmark, and a Japanese cooking knife made in Germany.
While walking along the shore we discovered some pleasant art. Roland very much liked this one, and would have taken it home if we were to have a spot for it (thank God, we live in an apartment.)
A few survivors of the summer.
This colourful installation swirled and rotated, and made funny clinky noses.
Amazing that eye and brain is able to identify these rock formations as 'people'. I wondered where they were headed.
Just funny!
Needless to say that we had a wonderful relaxing warm late summer day, got a lot of reading in and spent some time at and on the water.
From our 3rd floor balcony we enjoyed the last rays of sunshine.
Life is good!


  1. What a beautiful weekend! The food looked fabulous! Love the pictures, thanks for taking s along on the getaway!

    1. Thank you Dar, for tagging along virtually.

  2. Very Beautiful! The balcony sunset picture is perfect. I feel like I'm there staring off into the distance.

    1. Imagine a glass of red wine going with it, and you get what we had ;-)

  3. What a lovely weekend you had. Beautiful scenery and some wonderful food and music. Love the portrait of you guys!

    1. Thanks, Kari. We had such good times.

  4. Oh wow. The tall ships, the gorgeous photo of the gorgeous canal, the FOOD...I'm glad I'm sitting down! And to think I nearly bought a house in Bellingham years ago. Sigh.

    I'm happy that you shared this trip.

    1. Oh Martha, wouldn't that be great, you in Bellingham? We could have visited each other every so often ;-)

  5. Awesome weekend Sonja. I am glad that you and Roland were able to get away for a relaxing weekend and the weather cooperated too.

    Thank you for sharing all the lovely photos.

    1. We were lucky this summer to have had lots of opportunities to get out and spend our weekends together. Life has been good to us lately.

  6. Simply wonderful weekend! The weather was great, the upgrade was great. (love the size of that sitting room.). I agree with Roland's choice in statuary there too. I love how they are the yin/yang. Glad you had a relaxing time.