September 04, 2012

Another Fuzzy Challenge

Of course Fuzzy had to do it again. And her challenges are always... well, challenging. Here's what she's asking for this time:

Post a List of 5 Pretty Awesome Posts Your readers might have missed.
Head back to your own blogs and find 5 blog posts that you really loved writing and tell your readers about them. Maybe we missed them the first time around, maybe we’re new readers, maybe you just loved the post so much that you just want to hi-five it again. Whatever! 

Blow the dust off of some of those oldies but goodies and re-share ‘em with us.
And here they are, my five blasts from the past. They might not be 'awesome' but they are special to me, and I hope you'll enjoy them, too.
My Coldest Ride
November in Alberta, Canada - and still riding. Need I say more?
Chasing Rambo
For movie buffs...
Silent Running
An early morning scooter outing in the backyard.
The Solo Trip
A Harley, good weather, and 600km ahead of me.
A Rider's Guide to Coaxing the Spouse into Riding (not!)
What if the partner isn't into riding (just yet)?
Thanks for (re-) visiting.


  1. Thanks for the link, Sonja. I've made the effort ...

  2. Great posts, as always Sonja. I think I missed those first ones last time round so I was happy to go back and see them.