July 01, 2013

The Die has been cast!

Roland recently accepted a job offer in the Black Forest, hence Saturday we packed in our stuff, and moved once again; this time from the sister in law's attic into a furnished holiday apartment, a temporary set up generously provided by his new employer.
The flat will be at our disposal for the next couple of months or so, and paid for until we found our own living space, which might be a bit of a challenge as our demands are quite specific and (modern) housing is limited in the area.
The current flat is not really catering to our way of life (except for the view) but the interior is pretty much everything we don't want...

Max. headroom 1,80m. Roland is going to hit his head many times, we already started a count list.
If you have a small room, dark wood on the ceiling certainly won't make it look bigger.
These are likely the most hideous tiles we've ever seen, well at least the plumbing works.
We should not look the gift horse in its mouth. After all, it is tidy, clean, functional and paid for, and it has a decent view, so we decided to enjoy our first breakfast in our new 'home'.
 View from the balcony

While traveling south this year's summer was at its worse. Torrential rains prevented us from bringing along Alonzo this time, the orange Vespa. Sonja was not amused, and will have to wait for another 'milk run' to pick up the scooter.
When we arrived in the area even the local art / statues were sporting umbrellas.
But finally the clouds had drained themselves and we were awarded with a beautiful sunset.

Sunday offered brilliant blue skies, and after a good nights sleep we set up the apartment (unpacked that is) and went out for a walk.
 Under the apple tree...
 We can't get lost!
 Angus beef cattle in the Black Forest?
 A view on our new hometown.
Not too bad after all.


  1. Major congratulations on this event! Sighs of relief followed by sounds of hitting your head.

    I hope this soon feels like home. I know a beautiful location does not a good life make, but it's a wonderful start and I wish both of you the absolute best.

    Stick some padding on that wall!

  2. What a beautiful area. I like the panoramas especially the last one of the town. And, yes, the apartment is a little small but the price is right.

  3. I suggest a hard hat for Roland....and sure the apartment is not quite to your liking but hey, its free....it'll just motivate you to look strenuously for a better abode more to your liking.

    Still, the surrounding countryside....sehr schön!


    1. I will consider the hard hat, but so far my hit count is only at two in three days! It takes a lot of concentration though, and as soon as I let my guards down it goes "bang"!

  4. congrats Roland ;-). I hope, you'll enjoy your ne work.

    Also I cross my fingers that you might find an accomodation quickly which fits your wishes. I love the view from the balcony but that's the only good thing (except that you don't have to pay for that ;-)).

    1. Thanks for the congratulations! I am very happy to be back on the job. Well... to be honest I am very happy that we have an income again, but I easily could have dealt with more holidays :-)

  5. Best of British head-banging luck!

    Good job I bought that rain suit from Polo.....

    Passing through the area on route to Garmisch - staying at Baden-Baden on Thursday night and Titisee-Neustadt on Monday - excpect monsoon conditions throughout.

  6. Da hat Ihr Euch eine wirklich schöne Gegend ausgesucht. Glückwunsch zum Job!
    170 km sind's - ein Katzensprung :-)

    Viele Grüße,

  7. Congrats on gainful employment Roland. Back to a routine, which can be good.

    The flat may be tiny but you get what you pay for. Hopefully you will find something more suitable soon. Until then you can at least save your hard earned Euros and enjoy that view.

  8. Nice going Roland!

    There is something ultimately soothing in having less 'stuff' to weigh you down. This space may be a little too spartan, but the price is certainly right.

    I look forward to your posts as you explore your new neighborhood.

    Sonja, are you planning to ride Alonzo or trailer?

    All the best to you both,


  9. Been there, done that. My head was hurting in sympathy.

  10. Been there, done that . My head was hurting in sympathy.

  11. Roland:

    Your kitchen seems a bit claustrophobic, plus too low for me too, and I'm short. Would be better if painted a lighter colour.

    How far is it from your old place to this new place ? Must be nice to live somewhere with no highrises

    Riding the Wet Coast