December 15, 2013

Just Looking!

Sunday… During wintertime car and motorcycle dealerships are often open, but for showing only. Roland wanted to check out some new and used scooters, and so we drove up to Stuttgart to visit L&L, the largest motorcycle dealership in Europe, or so they claim.
We got to admit, the show room was fairly big with 1,400 motorcycles displayed on 12,000sqm, and all major brands were present.
I was attracted by the usual suspects, which were retro bikes, cafe racers or vintage motorcycles.
Meanwhile Roland was checking our the scooter options such as the Suzuki Burgman 650 and the Yamaha T-Max 500. There was no sales personnel around, so customers could roam freely amongst the abundance of bikes.
This Harley Davidson Softail (I believe it was) has the exact handlebar I would like to have mounted on my Sporty!
There's things I want, there's things I think I want.
There's things I have, there's things I wanna have.
Well I'm just looking, I'm not buying 
I'm just looking, keeps me smiling
(from the Lyrics Just Looking - Stereophonics)

Also in the Stuttgart region, not far away from the Mercedes Benz factory there is a special world for motor aficionados: The Meilenwerk, a conglomerate of sales area, exhibition and services around cars and bikes, all under one roof.
Here's a weird one: A four-seater motorcycle: The 1927 Böhmerland
A Velocette
An older Vespa in orange perfect for Sonja's outfit today and a pretty Simson Schwalbe (Swallow) matching the colour of Roland's jacket.
A sexy Morgan 3-Wheeler (was for rent!).
A Leonhardt 410 Gunbus - the world's biggest motorcycle. Not sure what's the point here but it would certainly be an eye-catcher in a motorcycle freak show.
Another easy rider ;-)
It was a lovely outing, and just the right remedy before PMS (a.k.a. parked motorcycle syndrome) could kick in.
For more from Meilenwerk about Cars & Stuff klick over to our Europe-Blog.


Gucken, nicht anfassen (und schon gar nicht kaufen)!
Wir machten uns auf nach Stuttgart zum (selbst ernannten) größten Motorradhändler Europas (L&L), welcher am Sonntag seine Verkaufsräume zum Gucken geöffnet hatte, da Roland nach Großraumrollern schauen wollte. Er konnte auf der Suzuki Burgman 650 und auf einer Yamaha Tmax 500 probe sitzen, meinte aber, dass er sich auf einer Burgy 400 oder Honda SW400 wohler fühlen würde. Dann besuchten wir das Meilenwerk, eine Luxus-Verkaufsstätte für Oldtimer und alles rund um's liebste Kind der Deutschen, die in restaurierten Industriewerkshallen Ihr zu Hause gefunden hatte. Uns liefen die Augen über. Gern hätten wir das eine oder andere Stück mit genommen, aber leider fehlt uns dafür das nötige Kleingeld.


  1. With the Ural or the Morgan, no PMS!

  2. So let me get this straight, the store is open but only for people to look, not buy? Unusual, if you wanted to buy one, you wouldn't be able to?

    Cool pics from the Meilenwerk, I bet it must have been quite the sight, four riders on that 1927 Böhmerland, leaning into some tight turn!

    Thanks to you and Roland for the pics.


    1. Nope, no chance. You wouldn't be able to close a contract on a Sunday, but you can make a reservation, and call in next work day to have everything prepared for pick-up.

  3. If they are for showing only, how does one buy?

    1. The following work day. I believe it is still not possible to sell vehicles legally on a Sunday, and there is usually no qualified sales personnel around either.

    2. I've spotted some candidates there and will be nearby at Göppingen after Christmas - will pay a visit!

  4. Now that looks like a perfect way to spend the day when the weather just isn't right for motoring on two wheels.

    I couldn't imagine having that many motorcycles in one location to look at and sit upon, okay, and drool over too.

    Thanks for sharing.

    1. Riding would have been slippery at best. Frozen fog and hoar frost do not provide the best road conditions. But hey, at least one could look and touch and sit and dream...

  5. Sonja:

    Here there would be too many liability issues to allow you free access to that many motorcycles without supervision but at least you would be able to buy on a Sunday. We have insurance agents open every day of the week. That is really a large dealership

    Riding the Wet Coast

    1. Never thought about liability with regards to browsing for vehicles… must be a North American thing ;-) But I am sure they have some CCTV going to keep people honest.

  6. How cool is that!!!! Love the selfie of you and Roland on the chrome Moto Guzzi tank.

  7. WOW! A "banquet table of moto delight"!

    What a fun day!

  8. Absolutely no harm in looking - actually sounds like a great idea, gives you a day to think about it.

  9. Ah!!!I see a Suzuki GT750 next to the Velocette. I had two of those. they were exciting bikes, possibly one of the worst handling bikes ever. My 72 had a front drum on what was a big heavy bike and I vividly recall gripping the front lever for all I was worth in a futile effort to stop on those steep hills in San Francisco. It's a good thing lane splitting is legal in California, unlike the rest of North America. Typical 70's Japanese; great motor, primitive bike. Also the 72 was so ugly it was actually kind of cool, kind of like a 59 Caddy.