January 23, 2014

2007 - Work hard. Play harder! (Part 3 of the 'Magers in Canada' Miniseries)

Here is the next therapeutic installment from a couple of homesick Canadian Germans. (And there's almost no snow in this posting!). 2007 was a busy year...
Downtown Calgary
We worked a lot, but we also got to reap the benefits of our efforts. Winter had been dreadfully long. It kept on snowing well into May and we didn't get out as much as we liked to.
Hiking in the Kananaskis

We lived the everyday life but it did never feel everyday. However, for once we didn't move or change employers. We were part of a solid circle of new friends, and felt homey and comfortable in our new condo. Yes, we were indeed proud of what we had accomplished in the past two years, and that we had also found our place, professionally, in the yet unbroken economic boom.

To reset our stress levels we rewarded ourselves with an epic road trip (4,500km) through the northwest of US of A in June, touching ground in Montana, Wyoming, Idaho, Oregon and Washington.
Yellowstone National Park, Wyoming
 Visiting the Craters of the Moon National Monument, Idaho
 On our way to John Day Fossil Beds National Monument, Oregon
 Traveling along the west coast of Oregon and Washington
 And through Washington and Idaho hinterland.

In September, we had our mothers stop by for a visit before they continued their (bus) travel down to Vancouver and went up on an Alaska cruise.
 An undeniable resemblance.

We revisited Waterton National Park, which had meanwhile become Sonja's favorite. We had been there in winter, spring and summer already. This time we visited in autumn. The four seasons collection of this locale was herewith completed.

In November we were craving for light and warmth, and jumped on a plane to San Francisco. And then, on a whim we found that Christmas shopping in New York was in order, too.
November in San Francisco
December in New York
Unfortunately, we also witnessed some setbacks in our circle. Our british friend's winter adventure in the wild had cost him dearly, but at least he lived to tell. And we were sad to learn of another friend's terminal illness. In 2007 'The RockiesMan' had succumbed to cancer.


  1. Thank you for more wonderful photos. The ones of Yellowstone bring back great memories as I haven't been back there for years. The most "magical" time was a winter trip when all of the roads are closed to vehicles. Great x-country skiing!

  2. You're welcome, Richard. I am glad you enjoy it. We had reasonable light traffic considering it was summer but I can surely appreciate the magic of a car free winter wonderland.

  3. Sonja:

    We have taken several trips to these areas. We drove our "Vette to Montana in 2004 and over the Going to the Sun highway in Montana then north to Waterton NP. Around 2007 we did the Hotsprings Loop to Fairmont Hot Springs / Ainsworth Hots Springs up through Revelstoke and then down to the Crows Nest Pass. Our Montana trip also included Yellowstone NP where the traffic was unbearable and everyone was parked on the roadway waiting for the Bison to move

    so some of your photos have a familiar look. We were in the Kananaskis around 1995 when we had our jeep. We drove from Jasper down the Icefields parkway into Lake Louise and into Alberta.
    We have yet to see Dinosaur NP, Buffalo Jump, Milk River and Vulcan but they are on the list

    Riding the Wet Coast

    1. That's interesting Bob, in 2007 our paths could have crossed already on your Hotsprings Loop. Dinosaur NP is definitely worth the trip, however getting there is a bit of a bore through endless fields and prairies.

  4. Sonja, Roland, loved these posts! It's fascinating to see ourselves (Canadians) through other eyes. The west is one amazing landscape after another and your skills as photographers bring that beauty to life so well. Thanks for that glimpse of the recent past.

    1. Thanks so much David, we are far from being photographers, we just snap pictures, and sometimes we get lucky ;-) We had such a great life in Canada, and miss it dearly sometimes.

  5. Thank you for the look back at your travels and your life. It is a pleasure traveling along.

    1. Thank you for tagging along, Brandy.

  6. Great set of pics! Thanks!

  7. It was a pleasure reading your 3 reviews. And some of your photos we have also as a kind of "duplicate" made by ourselves (Oregon, SF). I guess, I have to borrow your route from the roadtrip, except that we are going to start from Vancouver and also end there.

    Have a wonderful weekend!

    1. Glad, we inspired you with our tours. I am sure you will have explored the area soon as well. Enjoy!