January 02, 2015

Pipe Dream or Reality?

2011 Death Valley

With the new year come the usual resolutions.
  • Eat healthy! I got that one down, actually. Check!
  • Exercise more! Yesterday I started walking again after a two months break due to sickness. Check!
  • Both acts of self-improvement will hopefully result in losing a few pounds here and there gained over the holidays (please?).
  • Reduce my stress level? Well, I am not at all stressed out. Check! 
  • Improve our financial situation? Since we are no longer home owners we are no longer in debt. Check!
  • Spend more quality time with our families? We were definitely able to improve in this respect by having moved back to Germany. Check!
Other than that I don't have any major vices to give up, aside from being a closet chocoholic. I still don't do drugs or smoke or drink or gamble, and I am too old to start one, or am I?

Now here is one somewhat harebrained new resolution I came up with while walking though the murky weather today:
  • What if... I bought a motorcycle somewhere in North America, nothing fancy or new but technically reliable and roadworthy, and go ride a couple of weeks or longer if work allows every year to revisit some of the Canadian provinces and also close some gaps on my US American map... No roundtrip intended! I would leave the bike somewhere safe until it is time to pick it up again for the next leg of the journey. 
What do you think? Does this sound like a viable resolution?


Hirngespinst oder Wirklichkeit?
Mit dem neuen Jahr kommen ja immer auch die guten Vorsätze. 
  • Gesünder essen - Das mache ich nun schon im dritten Jahr.
  • Mehr bewegen - Nach zweimonatiger krankheitsbedingter Pause habe ich wieder mit dem Laufen angefangen.
  • Damit werde ich hoffentlich auch die über die Feiertage zugelegten Pfunde wieder loswerden.
  • Stresslevel reduzieren? Ich habe gar keinen Stress.
  • Finanzen verbessern? Seitdem wir kein Eigentum mehr besitzen, haben wir auch keine Schulden mehr.
  • Mehr Zeit mit der Familie verbringen? Das Thema hat sich mit der Rückkehr nach Deutschland erledigt.
Irgendwie habe ich ja keine weiteren Laster, die ich aufgeben kann, abgesehen davon, dass ich Schokoholiker bin. Ich nehme immer noch keine Drogen, rauche nicht, trinke nicht, spiele nicht und fange jetzt auch nicht mehr damit an.

Aber hier ist ein etwas verrückter Vorsatz, welcher mir heute bei meinem Spaziergang durch das uselige Wetter durch den Kopf geschossen ist:
  • Was wäre... wenn ich irgendwo in Nordamerika ein Motorrad kaufen würde, kein neues oder ungewöhnliches Bike, aber technisch zuverlässig und straßentauglich. Damit würde ich ein paar Wochen im Jahr losziehen und noch einmal ein paar kanadische Provinzen besuchen sowie einige Lücken auf meiner Amerika-Karte schließen können. Ein Rundtrip ist dabei nicht geplant. Ich würde das Zweirad sicher unterstellen, wo immer ich ankomme und dort wieder abholen, um die Reise wieder aufzunehmen.
Was meint Ihr? Ist das machbar?


  1. I think the ride and drop is a great idea.

  2. I have a friend from the UK who keeps a Harley in the US and she uses it a couple of times a year and then leaves it different places. It seems to work for her. You would need to plan your trips around where you could leave the bike, but I am sure you have enough US friends (or friends of friends) to make that work.

  3. Your plan sounds good to me. Having a second bike across the pond would be an adventure in itself. Look forward to seeing what comes of your new resolution.

    Happy New Year!

    Steve Williams
    Scooter in the Sticks

  4. Brilliant idea Sonja, you have plenty of friends over there to do it too. Take that chance with both hands.

  5. I've been toying with the idea of leaving the BMW somewhere but it may need too much regular maintenance. A newer bike that could be dropped off at a local place a week or so in advance of your trip would be ideal.

  6. Sonja, that sounds like a great plan to me.

  7. Sonja, should be possible. Sherri Jo Wilkins could be a little help - she lives in South Australia and is at a lot of times on the roads of the world. Don't know how SHE managed her Trips, but maybe she could give you some little helps?

  8. Would it be better to rent as required?

  9. Sonja, this absolutely needs to happen. I'm hearing about this sort of travel more frequently and am a firm believer.....especially for you! :)

  10. Thanks guys (and gals) for your feedback and support. Doing the math, rental cost will quickly exceed the investment necessary for purchase and insurance. I expect return on investment to happen after the third trip. But I have never been good at math... I just know that I want to do this. It might take some time to get things organised and budget saved up but I really like to see this little project come to life one day. Wish me luck!

  11. I think it is a neat idea Sonja, and one Bobskoot was actually thinking about doing on his next cross country adventure. He mentioned to us of leaving his V-strom with one of his friends across the USA somewhere so he could fly and ride.

  12. I read about something like that, only a couple of weeks ago. That would be possible. And there is nothing mad about it. :)
    But - don't give up your chocoholism!

  13. Sounds like a good plan - go for it :)

  14. I'll join the chorus. Seems like it would work for you.

  15. Eine schöne Idee, aber warum leihst du dir nicht vor Ort ein Bike?

    1. Funny, aus zwei Gründen: 1. zu teuer (eine Tour = ca. 3-4,000$, bei der zweiten lohnt sich schon die Anschaffung eines neuen Moppeds...) und 2. nicht überall, wo ich Freunde habe, die ich besuchen will, gibt es Motorrad-Verleiher.

  16. That's a great idea and you can always leave it in my garage, I will keep it in good condition by riding it once in a while :-)