May 17, 2010

Hello Sunshine, come into my life!

Saturday 9 AM. After a hearty breakfast with a good friend (more later...), my fellow traveler dropped me off at the Beemer shop.
The sales guy with the Teutonic last name (I wonder if that's mandatory for working a German vehicle dealership...) had her filled up, and given the rubber a little scrubbing.
She is yours now! he said.
Head filled with instructions, heart in my throat, and stomach full of butterflies, I pushed the button... and nothing happened. Beginner's mistake, I had forgotten to put the side stand up.
And look who came for moral support (and by the way saved me tons of money on insurance):
Mr Bobskoot himself made the time to accompany me on my very first ride, became my guide through Vancouver traffic, and my riding buddy for the day. More to follow...


  1. Wonderful post Sonja - great to see your lovely new machine although I worry that associating with Mr Bobskoot is a step in the wrong direction ;-). Hope he has introduced you to some great restaurants as he clearly knows every last one in the district.

    Leaving the sidestand down is not a beginner's mistake - I seem to manage it on most ride-outs. Still, that's senility for you. It doesn't apply in your case of course!

  2. Outstanding post!

    Dang modern motorcycles, sometimes I think they're smarter than we are. Good on Bobskoot for the first day moral support, just don't let him counsel you on footwear.

    : )

  3. @Geoff: As a matter of fact I count on Bob's culinary experience in the area. As for forgetting the side stand... same happened three times that day...
    @Charlie6: Oops, footwear, eh? I'm afraid there is a confession to be made...

  4. Looks like a great bike. Looking forward to your ride reports!

    Crocs come in yellow?

  5. Very nice Sonja! You look great on her! I really like the first image of her on the post - very creative using the shadow. That's pretty cool that Bob was there too!

  6. @Richard: Thank you for stopping by, I am sure there is lots to explore and write about in the Vancouver area.
    @Mike: Thanks, that is very kind of you. It was not a planned pic, anyway it turned out better than I thought.

  7. SonjaM:

    actually, hardly any photos are planned. They are a moment in time and it is in the eyes of the Artist (Photographer) to make the best composition available, under the circumstances. Every time is see a shadow photo, I think of Mike 'cause that's his forte.

    It was a great day, thank you for your company.

    Wet Coast Scootin