May 30, 2010

Forty words for rain

It drizzled when I left with hope for better weather. Only a few minutes later it started raining, and it poured for the rest of the tour, only interupted by some heavy showers. On the good side I found out that my gear is waterproof over several hours.
A pit stop at Pitt Lake
Where are all the people?
Puddles of wet stuff.

Slowly the wet stuff found its way from the helmet into the collar, and down the back of my neck. 
Time to go home, take a hot shower, and enjoy a steaming cup of tea in front of my fire place.


  1. I had that weather Friday evening. It's good you're waterproof though. The shot of Pitt Lake is a great one! You're really getting around on Nella these days.

  2. @Mike: I most certainly wouldn't have done this little experiment with my Ladyhawk. With Nella however it feels just right riding in the rain.

  3. Way to go Sonja! Well done for tackling unpleasant conditions as there is still enjoyment to be had in such a ride. I'm disappointed not to see you huddled over a delicious bowl of soup at a roadside establishment en route but suspect that is Mr Bobscoot starting to have an influence on my expectations!

  4. @Geoff: Did the huddling over home made chili. Not a big fan of eating out alone ;-)

  5. I guess maybe I'm weird but I kinda like riding in the rain. Much better than really hot weather.

  6. Just remember to take corners and curves a bit slower and rain riding is no big deal.

    Sometimes i catch myself thinking, damn...another warm and sunny day.....boring riding. I think I prefer iffy stuff sometimes.

  7. I guess the people are inside, getting out of the rain. Well done for sticking with it in not so nice conditions. To Richard - that is weird....

  8. @Richard: So, I am weird, too. I also prefer rain over scorching heat.
    @Charlie6: There is no way that I would go fast in the rain...
    @Gary: Thanks, a girl's gotta do...

  9. Glad you're enjoying your little Rotax beastie. It will serve you well for many years to come

    I do a ~285km (each way) highway commute once a week, almost always late at night. Last night it was raining quite hard for nearly the entire trip, terrible visibility, my visor kept fogging up and I ended up leaving it slightly open for the entire trip, despite the rain.

    It was 3 hours of the most intense and exciting motorcycling I've ever done. When I got off the bike at the end I felt pretty high, but also quite cold...

    My formerly-trusty rainsuit (BMW ProRain2) has developed a leak, after years of good service. The leak is in the crotch region. NOT FUN!

  10. Sonja

    I believe this expresses your "a girl's gotta do..." well:

    Beemer Ad

  11. @indigoid: Thanks for stopping by. Yes, I get indeed fond of my thumper. Riding in the rain is obviously a special experience with hightened awareness and senses.
    @Charlie6: yup, that's it!