July 08, 2010


I love tools. My mom used to work in a tool factory when I was a kid, and employees back in the days were allowed take home items that didn't make the quality control. Hence, instead of playing with dolls, I had a load of real tools to play with, that was fun. I became very good at dismantling things, alas had my issues to put it back together again (hasn't changed much). Since my bike didn't come with a kit (a common 'consumption' that seem to befall used motorcycles), I shopped around for a packaged metric toolkit, and found one specifically put together for Beemers from CRUZTOOLS. I will make use of it upcoming weekend. The vibrations of the thumper might have loosened up some of the fittings, so I want to make sure all screws, nuts and bolts are as tight as they should be.


  1. That is a very nice bit of kit. I considered the very same tool kit. It is probably better than the one missing from your bike.

    Carry it always and may you never need it for your bike.

  2. That looks like a pretty nice set. My very used Beemer was also missing the toolkit but I ended up buying one from Chicago BMW. I try to use only the toolkit whenever I do any maintenance on the bike and add any tools I find would be nice to have.

  3. @Gordon: Thanks for stopping by. Good idea, I will use it as my lucky charm.
    @ Richard: The Beemer tool kits at the dealer were far more expensive. And it looks like the guys from Cruztools put a lot of thought into it.

  4. That's a lovely kit Sonja. By the way, our daughter when she was about 10 preferred working in the garage with me rather than doing knitting,dressmaking etc with her Mum!

  5. Hi Sonja,
    Nice looking set of tools. I like tools, but I'm all thumbs with them, and I'm always turning stuff the wrong way.

  6. @Geoff: Funny, my Dad also let us kid work with him. Good memories.
    @Kari: I certainly fight with the same issue...