October 28, 2010

I want my bike back!

Almost three weeks have passed. Today I contacted the dealer to get an update on the patient's status, only to hear that the appraisal hasn't been approved yet. Being the impatient and efficient German that comes with the breed, I called up the insurance. Five minutes later I got confirmation, the whole repair got approved. (I was afraid Nella could get written off...) Finally, the spare parts can be put on order! But since this is a 2004 model they might have to import some of the stuff from Germany. I'm afraid, the riding season is really over for me this year...

My leg is healing well, long walks and hikes have proven to be good physiotherapy for me. The skin is almost back to its normal pinkish colour, only a dent in the kneecap is a permanent reminder of the incident. I am ready to ride once Nella is.

Being sans bike leaves me straying around ogling at two-wheeled strangers.
A rare sight in this part of the world: A Husqvarna a.k.a. 'Husky', a Swedish bike gone Italian, and since 2007 with the BMW group.
A ragged looking Kawi KLR 650. It could certainly use some TLC.

I am not having any improper thoughts about other bikes... just looking, but not touching.

Not sure what this big American dude has in mind flirting with the svelte Italian chick.


  1. I only have one bike. Before I began riding I couldn't figure out how come so many riders had more than one bike. Now, having endured a time of my lone bike being in the shop for a month, I understand. It sucks being without a bike.

    Hang in there. I'm glad Nella will be repaired. I, too, was concerned about what the insurance company might do.


  2. SonjaM, been there and I "feel your pain".

    My wife sensed it too, hence her approval on my buying Brigitta as my "spare motorcycle" while Maria was being repaired when I went down on ice back in June of '08. (Yes, June...)

    Like you suspect, the longest delay was the plastic bits...I'm told they had to order the fairing from Germany and have it sprayed the right color!

    Really, it's not improper thoughts you are having while looking at other motorcycles...don't you think Nella would like some company in the garage? Just saying....


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    Colorado Motorcycle Travel Examiner

  3. As they say: "Just because you ordered, doesn't mean you can't look at the Menu..."

    Hopefully they will have the parts in-country and you can get a few more rides in.


  4. I had two but sold one at the beginning of the year :-( now I want another, might be buying a dirt bike or small cruiser to complement my new bike next year ;-)

  5. Dear Sonja:

    There is nothing more infuriating that the snowballing of insurance paperwork to delay the repair of a motorcycle. But now that the major hurdle has been cleared, why would you assume the parts have to come from Germany? I have a K75 that occasionally needs parts and my shop can find them anywhere in the US. Even used ones. My suggestion to you is rather than assume stuff has to come from the Fatherland, it may only be in US , or at Beemer Boneyard in New Jersey, which constitutes a brief overnight delivery via FedEx.

    Fondest regards,
    Jack • reep • Toad
    Twisted Roads

  6. SonjaM: It must be telepathy. As I was passing your dealer last week I looked over as if to say hello to Nella but didn't see her. I was wondering if you got your bike repaired yet. I suppose you could say that I have a spare in the Garage if I needed wheels (Yamaha Vino 70cc), not fast but the same thrills at a lower speed

  7. Insurance paperwork sucks! I'm glad you stuck your nose in and get the paperwork through. Get her fixed, put some demi-knobbies on her and ride her home in the pre-winter.

  8. Sonja: I also feel your pain (as well as my own, hehe!). Do you want to lay a wager as to which one of us will be back on 2 wheels first?

    Patience girl, patience........ ;-)

  9. @Circle Blue: Keith, thanks for your understanding, I certainly wish now, I had a second bike to satisfy my cravings
    @Charlie6: I still work on convincing my better half that we need another bike for emergency purposes, alas no such luck
    @GAW: Well said, thanks
    @George F: I would opt for a small dirt bike as a second bike
    @Jack R: Well, that’s what the dealer told me when I asked for the lead-times of the parts, I hope they can get it at places like you suggested.
    @Bob: This is a very kind offer, thank you. Any two wheels will do.
    @BeemerGirl: Lori, you bet, I will.
    @Geoff: Yes, yes, I know, patience. Not one of my strength. Let’s see who wins ;-)

  10. I feel your pain. I'd go bonkers waiting. Patience is not one of my virtues...not sure I have any virtues actually! :)

    I'm glad Nella got her approval. It seems it doesn't take much for insurance to total them. I hope you have your Nella back whole and sound soon. Always fun to go bike watching, and maybe bring home a stable mate for Nella!

  11. Feel better, and I'm sorry about your bike. This is why you need a spare. Well, not THAT kind of spare, a second bike. Maybe one you only want to take out from time to time. An old /2 or a /5 maybe? Maybe a 60s Triumph or 70s Honda? (You can get a running Honda for next to nothing, and they're a whole lot of fun...) Just a thought.

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  12. @bluekat: Thanks Kari, would love to adopt another bike, alas limited space in my parking spot
    @Brady: Yes, I should have never sold my old lady, the Honda Hawk... once I have more room, I will definitely look into getting running 'project' bike