July 22, 2010

Next stop: Seattle

When in Seattle... To cope with the traffic, it helps to watch other motorists, how they recklessly change lanes without using their indicator, and successfully ignore pedestrians. Additionally one parks at Pike Market in a spot with the sign 'one hour parking' and extend it to one's liking.
The parking officer was very nice though and I was allowed to park for a little longer. She obviously liked my bike ;-)
The crocs made it to Pike Market too.

Of course there was a reason to endure the torture of city riding: We had the honor to meet Mr Charles Pefley a.k.a. Chuck for coffee (Chai latte for me), who has a booth in the very market.
The famous chuckomobile

I certainly hope to meet him again this summer to pick up a certain picture that I had my name on it.

At noon Bob led us out of the downtown core for a shopping experience at Cycle Barn where I not only discovered the perfect mesh jacket (of course not available in my size...), but also a Tourmaster Kevlar jeans on sales (Bargain! Had to purchase it...)

Here's the dialogue I had with the Sales guy:
SonjaM: I would like this yellow Olympia jacket in Lady's size L
Sales guy: We have S and M on stock
SonjaM: Do I look like an S or M?
Sales guy: Nooo...
SonjaM: Well, sarcastic tone on 'Thank you' sarcastic tone off
Sales Guy: We have the color grey in L and XL, did you try those?
SonjaM: Yeah, but I really would like the jacket in yellow...
Finally sales guy checked stock and came back with new information.
Sales Guy: We just received a delivery of men's jackets...

Long story short... I ordered the YELLOW Olympia for LADIES in MY size, and asked him to email or call me on arrival.

The last leg of our exciting tour was a relaxed meandering along HWY 9. Soon we parted ways, since we live in different parts of Vancouver area, Bob and his Wee were headed to Peace Arch border crossing, while Nella and I re-entered Canada at Sumas.

An epic journey comes to its end. Nella is resting in her usual spot in the parkade, waiting for weekend TLC. The odometer reads 2,145 km or 1,333 mi., and my scale reads... (I'm not telling, but a diet might be in order...)

Thanks to Bob, travel companion and tour guide, for making this tour possible. It has been fun.


  1. Glad to see you made it home, and with perfect weather to boot! I've enjoyed following your exploits, via this blog. Excellent photos too!

  2. I've enjoyed following all your posts since leaving us here in Oregon.

    You're very brave to ride in Seattle...downtown no less. Now you have an excuse to visit Seattle again to pick up your jacket. I'm glad you found one that you like. It's tiresome that they had to order it though.

    Oh and Happy Birthday! I saw you celebration over on Bobskoots blog. :)

  3. Likewise - have loved reading every episode. Well done, and I'll bet by now that it feels like you've never been away from bikes!

  4. Great reporting Sonja, pretty good amount of miles racked up as well.

  5. Sonja, looking forward to your next visit south of the border. Perhaps Nella and the Chuckmobile can share a few miles -:)

  6. Great posts Sonja. It was a pleasure to finally meet you and we look forward to seeing you again.

    Maybe we need to go to the International Motorcycle Show in Seattle again in December and you and Bobskoot and Mrs. Skoot can all come down to hang out. (And your hubby too if he is in town that weekend).