May 15, 2011

Plans for Epic Ride One: The Winthrop Loop

June-Ride: 4 days, 14 ladies, and 1,200km of two-wheeled bliss

This will be a first for me, and I am excited. I have never attended a multi-day group ride event before. Overnight stops will be in Bothell, Yakima and Winthrop, enjoying the events, scenery and food along the road, the motto being: Girls just wanna have fun!


  1. Fantastic. Enjoy yourself. Just be very aware of other riders on a group ride. Keep a decent distance between the person in front and behind you as you will have riders with different abilities on the ride. Remember, just because you see that gravel on the next corner doesn't mean the person in front of you has. Cheers, nick.

  2. Awesome Sonja! You're going to have such a fantastic time. I completely support what Nick says about group rides. This isn't a sales pitch, but David Hough's "Proficient Riding" book has the best material on group riding I've ever seen. Well worth having a look at it.

  3. Now that is looking like one exciting trip! Will there be sightseeing trips along the way?

    As above, be aware of your surroundings in a group. But also remember that you can separate a little and meet up for lunches or at the end of the day. Your ride, your comfort level, your fun, your time off, your vacation, your safety.

    I can't wait to hear all about it!


  4. Looks like a nice trip, no Mt. St. Helen?
    Enjoy and have a safe ride, we wanna see pictures ;-)

  5. @kiwionabike: Hi Nick. Thanks for the good advice.
    @Geoff: I will check it out and definitely prepare for the group riding experience.
    @BeemerGirl: The planning team as some surprises for us in store, which they didn't want to disclose prior to the trip. Thanks, Lori, for remembering that it should be first and foremost: fun!
    @George F: I don't think that Mt St Helens is included but I will soon go there anyway (some business in the area might allow for it).

  6. I second the suggestion re Hough's books on proficient riding, well worth your time!

    Looks like a great ride, we expect lots of pics but group rides tend to curtail that.


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  7. Go, Go, Go. That sounds way cool. Enjoy the gifts that God has given us. Good company, Good scenery, Good food and Good wheels. Can't beat that. Stay safe my friend.

  8. @Charlie6: Dom, I will see what I can do with respect to pictures. It will probably be less stops than usual but you never know.
    @oldchigger: Thank you so much for your warm words and good wishes.

  9. Am looking forward to hearing about your adventure and your advice for group rides. Girls just (do) wanna have fun!

  10. SonjaM:

    You are going to love SR410 through Chinook Pass. We had lunch here

    You may be going through Yakima Canyon again.

    Have a nice trip. I do a lot of group rides and find that you leave a lot of photos behind. You can't really stop unless the group stops. IF the weather is good there is a large parking area right at Chinook pass. It is a beautiful setting for a photo

    Riding the Wet Coast