May 20, 2011

Mission Loop - The slow way round

Traveling on scooters is definitely a less paced affair than riding a motorcycle. And as if to prove it, it is going to take us four hours to complete a 130km loop. The weekend weather doesn't look too promising, hence we want to make the most out now: A ride, a walk and a dinner.
Along the Fraser River between Langley and Abbotsford lies Glen Valley Park.
It is hockey night again, and the area is abandoned and quiet, a small paradise.
Fraser River
This view reminds us a bit of Tuscany.
Between a vintage car and a group of Harleys, we find our parking spot. The streets of Fort Langley seem abandoned, but inside the restaurants and bars it's buzzing. The big screens are on and it's noisy. How can people enjoy dinner and conversation with the tube blaring all the time? Eventually we find a sushi place where we can have dinner without permanent media effusion.
Patience is our friend, the train pulls 86 rail cars.
We find tranquility at Hayward Lake.

Scootering is like finding balance in a rushed world.

Life is good!


  1. Lovely photos Sonja and lots of good weather riding ahead of you!

    Life is indeed good when you ride two wheels!

  2. "Scootering is like finding balance in a rushed world."

    Pretty much says it all.

  3. I've been catching up on your blog. You take wonderful photos, Sonja! I like your Vespas. That would be so much fun to tour around on those together. The slower pace through the beautiful country is what they're made for and you're both doing that. It doesn't get better than that!

    That's pretty cool that you were able to test ride an RT and that you liked it! Did you say it's ugly though? Ouch! :)

  4. @Geoff: It's about time we get some two-wheeled fun out here. Too much rain lately.
    @Circle Blue: Keith, I guess you know exactly what I am talking about.
    @Mike: Thanks Mike, for taking the time. I really enjoyt the rides together with hubby. Since we live and work in different provinces time spent together is very important for us, even better when it's on two wheels.
    And for the RT... I so want to have it, but come on... esthetically BMW could still to better. I like the 2011 version however, but not the price tag.

  5. I always forget to count the coal-laden cars pulled by the local trains. They're pretty long trains usually and it would help pass the time....

    Nice set of pics Sonja...


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  6. I love the picture of hubby in front of the RR arm with the train coming up. Perfect capture.


  7. @BeemerGirl: Spur of the moment, but it turned out quite nicely.