May 24, 2011

Victora Day Outing

Today we 'play' in Yvonne's backyard around Cascade Falls. She grew up in the area and has probably turned every stone and ridden all the farm roads many times.
Nella obviously likes being taken out the second day in a row. I hope that Paolo isn't going to pout for having been neglected over the weekend.
We are going back and forth through the valley, and do some of the twisties even twice.  Talk about exercise and fun.
After a pub grab involving wings and burgers (nothing newsworthy) we move on and go for a little walk before heading home. We both agree that this was six hours of life time well spent.

Distance: 190km  (118 mi)
Weather: sun and clouds, 17C (63F)


  1. The greens are so vibrant! What with all the rain... :) I'm glad that the day was good and you and Nella re-bonded.


  2. @BeemerGirl: Lori, now that you are saying it, the green looks indeed almost psychedelic.

  3. Nice to see that Nella isn't being neglected ;-). She didn't buck you off to get even???

    That last photo is fabulous!

  4. @Geoff: Not at all bucking, Nella behaved very well.
    @Charlie6: Dom, my Vespa got me to work today just fine, no pouting.