May 11, 2014

Viva la Mopped! The Roadshow

Mopped: /ˈməʊppɛd/
nown (German)
Affectionate pet name for any kind of motorized two-wheeler.

Well, originally we had planned to spend the weekend cleaning the house and attending to overdue chores but when a friend told us about a motorcycle roadshow in Karlsruhe, which is about 100km away from where we live, all good intentions where forgotten. 15 top brands, 130 bikes and a boatload of fun! So we saddled Bella and Alonzo, our tour-proof Vespas, and off we went.
The future is here!
A Swiss engineered cabin motorcycle by Peraves.
The Monotracer
On the Asian market since ages, finally arriving in Europe
The legendary Yamaha SR 400
Could it be? A sexy Beemer! Meet the Bavarian cafe racer BMW R nine T!
One Yammy making it high on the list of desires. The XV950R. And bonus, no grease sling for a change, it comes with a belt drive.
My new trail bike (I wish!), the Suzuki VanVan RV125
Another Japanese classic finally entering Europe.
Getting in line for a test ride.
Me want too!
My favourite today: I always wanted to ride a Guzzi!
The V7 Classic makes my day!
My radiating smile is getting captured by the press.
Getting ready to rumble (and rumble the Guzzi does awesomely well!)
My absolute favourite today!
Roland meanwhile got to test the all new Suzuki Burgman 650.
The verdict: It's a big boat, super tanker or aircraft carrier size.
The BMW C600, a sports bike dressed in scooter clothes.
Agressive, maneuverable, likeable.
The verdict is pending.
On our way home we got wet (again!) but we had geared up well, and arrived home safely, our chores already patiently waiting for us.


Die Viva la Mopped Roadshow
Eigentlich wollten wir ja dieses Wochenende mal wieder Hausputz machen, aber als uns ein Freund von der Viva la Mopped im 100km entfernten Karlsruhe erzählte, ließen wir alles stehen und liegen und fuhren auf unseren Vespas dahin. Mein absoluter Favorit war der Testritt auf einer Moto Guzzi V7 Classic. Der Motor brummelt und zaubert sofort ein Grinsen in mein Gesicht. Das war so auffällig, dass es sogar von der Presse wahrgenommen wurde... Roland hatte die Gelegenheit Großroller zu testen. Die Burgmann 650 ist ihm eigentlich zu groß und schwerfällig, und der BMW Scooter ist bissig wie ein Sportmotorrad. Wir hatten jedenfalls einen Riesenspaß, auch wenn wir am Ende wieder mal nass geworden sind.


  1. Ja, man könnte durchaus sagen, dass dir die Guzzi außerordentlich gut steht :)

    1. Nicht wahr? Die Ergonomie (welche bei der Harley erst passend gemacht werden musste) stimmt. Hach, und das Motorengebrummel. Einfach schön!

  2. Some nice looking bikes there and the The XV950R looks pretty good, better than those black clouds.

    No chain would be good.

    1. No chain is the only option for me. I have had enough of chains and greasing. Belt drive is fine and maintenance free.

  3. The very best reason for not doing chores is always motorcycle related.

    That show looks great, and so many bikes to test-ride too.

    Fun, even with the rain. At least there is a rainbow with those black clouds.

    1. Brandy, it's all about priorities, isn't it? It was just a too good opportunity to ride a few scooters. For me it was all about riding something different only for shits and giggles.

  4. I believe you and that Guzzi would make the perfect riding pair! Assuming of course that Rover is ok with it.

    1. Dom, let's better not tell Rover about the affair... I always had a weak spot for Guzzis long before I met the Harley.

  5. That Guzzi looks pretty good and I just saw an R NineT the other day and it looks like a pretty nice bike. I thought that the C600 was made to order for Roland. I thought it was too big for me...

  6. So many more choices for bikes in Europe than over here!

    I saw a few even I could fit on and handle.

    A really nice show and that they let you test ride was amazing!

  7. Nettes Maschinchen, was durch Dich erst richtig zur Geltung kam. Kein Wunder, dass die Presse auf Dich aufmerksam wurde - so deutliche Freude ist bei anderen nämlich nicht im Gesicht gestanden ;-)!