November 12, 2009

Color Flash in Victoria, BC

My fellow traveller has taken me to Vancouver Island for a prolonged weekend. Still the bleak trees of Alberta on my mind I am pleasantly surprised by the presence of fall foliage. The pics of my Sony certainly don't do it justice.

And the roads were indeed cleared of leaves. I wonder if its removal is the city's responsibility. If it were, they did a pretty good job keeping the streets safe, especially for us two-wheelers.


  1. SonjaM:

    I recognize that last picture, it's right after you pass the Golf Course on the scenic road which winds around the ocean. Did you manage to have any seafood ? It's always nice to get away and scout out future opportunities

    bobskoot: wet coast scootin

  2. You have a good memory!

    For celebration is in order ;-)
    The name says it all. Exquisite cuisine, well worth the price.