May 24, 2012

The Man behind the Visor

He goes by his real name. Chris Luhman. He blogs, and twitters (tweets?). You can find him on facebook, youtube, flickr and the likes. With five bikes in the stable, and the sincere determination to ride all year round in Minnesota (!), we get it that he must like motorcycle riding. A lot. But otherwise he remains an enigma in the www, and like the stig, he barely ever shows his face.

What do we really know about the motorcyclist from Minneapolis, determined to ride to San Diego everyday for 7 weeks, by way of Alaska no less?

Social media aside, Chris is a very private person in public, and a very open and easy going guy in private. We talked the night away sharing our motorcycle and life related stories while he was staying with us, and we genuinely enjoyed his company. If you want to know more about Chris, however you won’t find it in this place.
Just a word of advice: 
Meet Chris in person, and find out who's the man behind the visor.
 Here's something that gives him away though:
He really, really likes good food!


  1. Great post Sonja.

    Note to self, only take pictures of Chris when he has his helmet on, and make cookies, lol.

    1. Well, you already know what stuff he's into food-wise... he also likes banana (chocolade chip) bread (I hope I haven't violated any privacy rules by telling that.)

    2. Oh oh, I hope I didn't break some blogger rule by showing a helmet-less photo. And worse yet, no cookies!

  2. Very cool that you could meet him. I have a link to his blog, but am way behind in my reading!

  3. Richard, now only the Stig remains faceless behind the helmet visor....

    Good stuff your hosting Chris while he's on the road SonjaM, keeps him from going "wild" without the supervision of his better half I think.


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  4. Great post :-)

    I had a lot of fun with you and Roland. Thanks so much for the space for me and the bike!

  5. Chris is a great guy and I am glad you got to meet him. I like the fact that few know what he looks like and as you say, its best to meet him to find the man behind the visor. That is quite some trip he is doing and I guess is indicative of the man - he sure does love his motorbikes and travelling on them. Good for him!

    I can imagine the two of you and Roland sitting there, sharing riding stories, way into the night.

  6. Hummm, those cookies make me wanna go all the way to Vancouver ;-)