May 08, 2012

Sunday Sailing

Saturday evening I received a text from Steve R, one of our senior managers, if I'd be interested in joining him and the wife for some sailing. He was preaching to the choir, of course I'd be!
It required some talent (or long legs) to get on board but I managed. The morning breeze was reasonably harmless when we left the marina, and so Niklas, my Swedish counterpart volunteered at the helm.
First I had to be coaxed towards giving it a try as the wind was picking up but given the look on my face I must have liked it..
The view from the helm.
Destination: Rangitoto Island

Sailing is mighty hard work, as you may imagine from picture below: A view on Auckland.
Having morning tea: sandwiches and ginger beer.
Contemplating over snacks: What's for dinner?

The beautiful Devocean anchored in the bay between Rangitoto Island and Motutapu Island.
Going ashore in a tiny rubber boat.

After a hike up the Rangitoto volcano (watch out for next posting) we returned on board. The weather looked a bit eerie to us amateur sailors but Steve wasn't worried so I did my best also not to be.
It became quite windy and it drizzled but that didn't diminish our adventure. We got back at dawn, wet and tired, but happy and with lives enhanced by another great Kiwi Experience.


  1. Sailing requires similar skills to riding so I'm not surprised you enjoyed helming the keeler but the food and drink on board looks sufficient to coax anyone onto the boat, sailor or not!!!

    1. I never thought about that, as I never had the opportunity before. It can be hard work at times though (not that I had to do anything but preparing the sandwiches and clean the dishes).

  2. No way could you say no to that spectacular adventure. You are getting quite the sightseeing trip!

    1. Yep, the Kiwis have been especially good to me. Don't know why, really.

  3. That looks like fun.

    I am amazed at how much you managed to do in between working.

    1. I am the secret master of time management.