May 27, 2012

Real Badass Bikers

David, the blogging Vespa commuter from Montreal is in town for business, or so he said, because he also brought his complete motorcycle gear along. Equipped with a loan scooter from Gary, a buddy of Wetcoast Bob's he was ready to hit the road and meet us at Whitespot for breakfast.

For the first time Big Guy Small Scooter Dave tagged along for the ride, and made a perfect addition to the badass scooter team.

Shortly after we were heading out to paint the town red on our badass machines. Watch out and get your kids off the street. Scooter riders are on the loose.
We stopped at Buntzen Lake, and naturally the group got a lot attention. People were intimidated just by their looks.

We had the pleasure to show David a bit more of our backyard and stopped in Belcarra before we hit the dreadful stretch that would bring us to North Vancouver.

Blue skies and waters, green forest and snow capped mountains. What's not to love, when the sun shines at the we(s)t coast. By the time we got to Horseshoe Bay the scooter posse was hungry again, and we found a good pub with west coast style food to satisfy our needs.

Time flew by, and we needed to lead David back to his posh downtown hotel. Yet again we got stuck in a stupid traffic jam. Thanks to bad infrastructure planning the city lacks highways. If only filtering and lane splitting were considered legal...
Oh well, it gave me the opportunity for some photo ops, always looking at the bright side of scooter life.
Here we are back at David's hotel, where a concierge tried to shoo us away, but we chose to ignore him, and continued to take pictures and say our farewells.

A perfect day comes to an end. Gorgeous weather, breathtaking scenery, good food, and a trip with scooter buddies. Life is so good, sometimes!

And all the way from the black market in Montreal for Dar and myself. A miniature Vespa! Thanks a lot, David. We had a blast!


  1. Woohoo. It is so cool to see more bloggers getting together. I am glad you had such great weather too.

    Oh, and Happy Anniversary weekend.

    1. Indeed, we had an awesome week of third encounters of the motorcycle kind.

      Thanks for the good wishes, I take it you were visiting TucsonBonnie first?

  2. SonjaM:

    to paraphrase the character Inigo Montoya from "The Princess Bride": "You keep saying that word, I do not think it means what you think it means". :)


    Redleg's Rides

    Colorado Motorcycle Travel Examiner

    1. Indeed I was surrounded by a bunch of gentle giants on little scooters...
      And you know 'The Princess Bride'? That is very badass of you.

  3. You need some more pictures of the yellow scooter with the sidecar...

  4. RichardM, that yellow scoot with the sidecar belongs to one of the restaurants in the hotel and is parked there as publicity.

    Sonja, nice ride report, and thanks for taking that sneaky shot when we were stuck in traffic. That scowl on my face kind of makes me feel that I'm sometimes a badass. Truth be told, that 200cc Kymco Frost had a very contoured seat that was set about 6 inches to far forward to be comfortable for me, so in some real way after the close to 300km I covered with Bob in the one-and-a-half scooting days I had, I kind of do have a bad ass to show for it. Special thanks to you and Roland for your very kind hospitality, and to Roland for the very courteous and expert way he guided out troop through the intricacies of greater Vancouver on Saturday.

  5. Isn't it great when moto-bloggers get together? I think we'll skip Canada in 2014 though - too many badass bikers there :-)

    1. Oh no, Sir! You got to come. I will arrange for protection.

    2. Geoff:

      you've been threatening us with your presence for a couple of years now. I don't think you really mean it . . .

      Riding the Wet Coast
      My Flickr // My YouTube

    3. Bob,

      I'll sneak in on the quiet so see if you're a figment of my imagination or if you really exist ;-)

  6. It is great to see The Big Guy on the Not So Small Scooter getting out and about! He was the one person I didn't recognize in bob's photo of the bloggers. Yes, I happened to visit there first. I apologize. I know you should always be first.

    Thanks for the share!

  7. Great pics and I enjoyed reading about the ride - it was just like I was there! Seriously, glad I was badass enough for such a rowdy group! Looking forward to more rides!