May 08, 2012

No Sleep and more Food

The second week was all about socializing with coworkers. We went out for dinner, then we had dinner, the next day a dinner and a movie, followed by a dinner. I only cooked once for my colleagues Niklas and Karolina at the flat (featured below), the other days I neither prepared nor paid for any other meal.
 (Paid for) Lunch at a local fish and chips shop.
 Meat filled gas station pie, another Kiwi delicacy.
In the background a very ugly unidentifiable vehicle.
 Sal's Pizza
 No! Wait! First the picture!
As the days down under are getting shorter, the locals gather in pubs for quiz night, an entertaining pastime during fall and winter. So, here we were at the Zookeeper's Son. Our team consisted of a bunch of people from the Americas as well as from Europe, so we naturally had a hard time keeping up with the local trivia. However, we stood our grounds and ended up in midfield gaining points in other areas such as music, geography, arts, biology and chemistry. We had a blast!

On Thursday the boss invited us to grand dinner at the Jervois Steakhouse. It was excellent, and a great dining experience.
 Of course it had to be... steak!
AND desert!

There were plenty of other opportunities to test the local cuisine. This is an example of a tasty veggie breakfast sandwich:
... while this was devoured for afternoon tea.
There was certainly no shortage of good food and excellent coffee in the vicinity. Meanwhile, I am back on my previous diet for I have sinned...


  1. The food looks bloody awesome.

  2. All that food looks so yummy. Now I'm hungry and I already ate breakfast.

    1. I know, same here. And I just had dinner.

  3. Wow! Terribly hard not to sin when enticed with that and good friendship.