May 26, 2012

What if...

... you were to sell your house, your car and all your worldly possessions in order to fulfill your dreams?

Kati and Jens from Germany do what most of us only dream about, and they blog about their continued adventure: Around the world on motorcycles. 
In eighteen months they have traveled over 60,000 km on their modified BMW F800GS', and their next destination is going to be Alaska.
They are currently 'stuck' in Vancouver (not the worst place to hang out for a while I'd say!) for an overhaul of damaged gear and US Visa application. So, I contacted them if they would like to meet up, and share some stories.

We met at the wharf in Steveston, and listened breathless to their tales from the road while destroying big portions of fish and chips at Pajo's.
Later on we strolled along the pier, grabbed a coffee (and tea for me) at the Waves Coffee House, and enjoyed the dry and warm weather outside until the sun set.

Kati and Jens are totally down to earth people, and have great humor, and we all together enjoyed making fun of the typical conservative German lifestyle that we all left behind for good.
It was quite exciting to meet those globetrotters, and they have once again re-fueled my desire for epic trips. Thanks for sharing your stories, guys. Always keep the rubberside down, and

Gute Reise!


  1. What a great way to see the world, from the seat of a motorcycle....

    1. I agree, it doesn't get much better than that.

  2. Sounds like a "making your dreams come true" move on their part! Great set of pictures SonjaM and thanks for sharing your meetup with them.

    Do they have a blog?

    Gute Reise indeed!


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    1. For me it will never be more than a dream. I lack the necessary courage to travel some of the countries, but that doesn't mean my mind doesn't (want to) travel.

      Their blog is
      It is in German but has a translation function embedded.

    2. Sonja,
      I, too, lack that necessary something to do their type of trip. Is it courage? I don't know, but like you it doesn't mean my heart doesn't love to wander.

      Thanks for the share,

  3. Awesome Sonja. That is so cool you got to meet up with them.

    I checked out their blog. I am glad they have a translate button on there. :-)

    Kudos to them for following their dreams and doing what most of us don't have the guts to do. ie, selling it all to travel. And what better way than two wheels.

  4. One day I am going to do the samething, I promise!

    1. Rogey, I am going to keep you reminding of this. And make sure you include Vancouver in your travel plans.